Is the rising price of oil a good thing?

Will the inflated price of oil be the genesis for new technologies that will free us from foreign oil? Will it cause more people to us mass transit, thereby cutting down on carbon emissions? or is it all just a crock and we are all pretty much screwed?

6 Responses to “Is the rising price of oil a good thing?”

  1. scrooge Says:

    it is good for the environment.

  2. hunny414 Says:

    i really doubt the gov. and oil companies will let us get away from it all….but i hope your right

  3. Love of Truth Says:

    I actually believe this is the oil companies last hurray to rape in the profits before new "green technology" is ushered in. Be on the look out for nuclear, corn based ethanol, and hydrogen. These are all scams and further ways to depend the consumer on big business models which are often less efficient than gasoline, especially the ethanol and hydrogen that at this point take more energy to make than they give.

    Yet there is hope. We can use this time to advocate try ecological energy use and technology such as solar, wind, tidal, geothermal, bio-mass, and certain bio fuels such as Jathropha and Switchgrass and network them into the system where consumers can actually make a profit by producing their own energy.

    It will be a Tremendously HUGE fight because certain moneyed interests definitely do not want this to happen. Just research about Tesla who already had the answers way back then but did not cater to the Barron’s thirst for greed. Just remember if we vote with our dollars we will see the changes that have been a long time coming.

  4. intelligentdesign Says:

    No, a co-worker just gav notice since she cant afford the gas for her commute anymore!

  5. zerro Says:

    Start using the air car and electric cars. =

  6. Maya Says:

    No, it is not a good thing because small people suffer and have to make adjustments that the rich don’t know anything about. But if taken seriously will spur us to use alternatives
    that have been around for years.