Is the Truth Finally coming out?

From the news out there:
Settlements ‘violate Israeli law’
More than a third of the Jewish settlements in the West Bank are built on privately owned Palestinian land, an Israeli campaign group has reported.
Peace Now says nearly 40% of the land the settlements sit on is, according to official data, "effectively stolen" from Palestinian landowners.
This, the group says, is a violation of Israel’s own laws
Settlements in the occupied West Bank are illegal under international law, although Israel rejects this.
About 430,000 Jews live in these residential areas in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.
Peace Now called on the Israeli government to return the private land to its Palestinian owners.
In recent years the Israeli government has said repeatedly that it respects Palestinian property rights in the West Bank.
An Israeli official has said the government is reviewing the report.

Pretty much sums up what a 4uked up gov they have, eh????
My my my , how the truth hurts. I take your home away that you have buillt on your own land, but then to make you feel better and live in peace with you, i’ll let you live in the barn, or the garage, and you call that giving peace a chance? LOL
And when someone mentions the truth, they label him anti semitic, that too is very funny. LOL

5 Responses to “Is the Truth Finally coming out?”

  1. Kevin M Says:

    Some fringe political group called "Peace Now" says this and you treat it as the gospel?

    It doesn’t bother you that Israel turned over Gaza to the Palastineans, and were planning to do so with the West Bank, and in return the Palastineans shot rockets out of Gaza and launched raids? It doesn’t bother you that in return they elected Hamas, a terrorist organization whose stated goal is the destruction of Israel, as their government?

    Israel gave peace a chance. They pulled all their own people out of Gaza and made them leave their homes and businesses, and gave it to the Palastineans with the goal of living side-by-side in peace. This came at enormous political cost and turmoil for the Israelis. And in return the Palastineans effectively spit in their face. The Palastineans have made it crystal clear they have no interest in living in peace with Israel, so if I were Israel, I’d build a DMZ like in Korea, complete with land mines and gun emplacements, and seal off Israel from the Palastinean areas.

  2. Dr.O Says:

    Have you ever realized what is the difference between a classy man and being an ordinary man.Trust me Jews from Eastern Europe and Russia have very little class and they are the one grabbing up all this land but at the same time classy Jews are at home in Manhattan.
    Many of them do not under stand the Foreign policy so very good .it will never pay to be an idiot.

  3. LAREDDAWG Says:

    What credibility does peace now have, they’re just as anti- Semitic as you

  4. paulisfree2004 Says:

    Yup I read that as well! But since the media is controlled by big business and the Israelies have invested much into the US Media it wont get noticed

  5. BMCR Says:

    Hmm… There is a difference between what Peace Now claims is reality vs. actual reality. My point being is that I question whether their source is a non partisan third party vs. their own claims.
    The truth is that Peace Now is a small far left Israeli political party that is well known to have an anti settler agenda.
    Now, that may not be relevant to you. But it is something to keep in mind.

    Another thing I’m interested (no, don’t bother answering, I’m only making a point) is that if, according to you, 40% is privately owned Arab land, does that therefore mean that the other 60% is kosher in your eyes? So, in other words, the 60% is Jewish owned land thus they have the right to be there?