Is the world really going to end in 2012? Why do people think that it will end?

I know you guys are probably sick of hearing this question, but the topic really interests me. I know that the Mayan calendar ends on December 21st, 2008 and that is why many people believe is going to end then, but I have heard a variety of reasons of why the world will end. Some say a major natural disaster will tear down the world and kill everyone. Others say that aliens will invade our planet. I don’t really know what I believe, but then I started thinking. The economy, gas prices, grocery prices, global warming, natural disasters, and world peace are going down the tubes. Many predict these issues will get even worse. What if all these issues kill as all? What do you guys think? Why do people believe the world will end? Should I be preparing for anything? Help!!

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  1. mybusiness2 Says:

    I believe Mayan calendar ends in DECEMBER 21, 2012, not 2008. At least that’s what I keep hearing and reading about.

    As for high gas prices, this is only logical, especially since India and China have become so hungry for it, especially China (the sleeping TIGER which has awaken very hungry).

    Regarding natural disasters_now more often and more deadly than ever_, lack of world peace and the constant threats of bigger and bloodier wars it is detailed in the BIBLE’s book APOCALYPSE. It is there also where you’ll find that what we call global warming and blame the deaths of numerous fish and other animals on, it is the act of one of the Apocalypse horsemen.

    Now the one thing which will probably destroy most of humanity unfortunately it is what we now see as "HIGH FOOD PRICES"…..Apparently this is the last horseman. Or the last SEAL….I must confess I haven’t read this book thoroughly lately.

    And regarding what you can do, well keep on praying to God that all these things pass very fast, such as Jesus Christ said. And be more conscious of where money goes, meaning more of it should be saved for food and articles which we truly need!!!!

  2. zachary w Says:

    Two reasons, the mayan calendar, which supposedly predicted things like 9/11 says it will happen. And the recent announcement that a giant meteor is headign for earth. It has passed us several times in the past, getting closer, but in 2012 it could get close enough to get sucked into our atmosphere.

    Of course even if that were the case, we have ways of protecting ourself from meteors, and what do the mayans know really. Its all superstitious mumbo jumbo, dont but into it.

  3. ShyGirl Leila Says:

    Ok its in accordance with the Mayan Calendar…its actually quite complex! But the Mayans believed the world would end on this date……..look it up on wikipedia! It will go into some detail there…..good luck!

  4. RedJedi Says:

    There are a lot of so-called predictions that the world will end sometime soon. Anything from Mayan Calendars to Crystal Skulls to Codes in the Bible! I think people always believe the world is going to end (such as in Y2K) because the idea of living through armageddon is not only people’s worst fear, but their greatest fascination. This is why movies and stories about the end of the world are so popular. Of course the world will end–maybe tomorrow maybe not for billions of years–but it’s a waste of time to fixate on it. If the world is going to end, you shouldn’t prepare for it–you should just do what you can to prevent it. For example, if you believe it’ll be a natural disaster, start becoming more environmentally aware. It’ll allow you to understand the relationship we all have with our world. If there is an armageddon soon, it will most likely be humanity’s fault.

  5. dropdeadkaytea Says:

    If the world’s going to end, what would be the point in preparing? There’s also a theory the world’s going to end in about 51 days, since apparently they’re doing the whole atom collision thing underground to see if the world was really made that way. The world will explode because there’ll be a world inside of the world. It’s crazy. It was also thought the world was going to end in the year 2000, but that never happened. Millenium bug or something like that, there was chaos and people were terrified, but nothing happened, nothing at all. Personally, I choose not to believe these theories, rumours etc. since the world is very, very unpredictable. It could end right this very second now. No one is any wiser than the next, science can only prove so much. But then scientists may be proved wrong by religion, and there may be a judgement day and THAT may be when the world will end. My old physics teacher used to tell us we only have 50 years left.

    Don’t fret too much about it. The less you worry about issues like that, the easier life is, because if you spend so long worrying about ‘ooh the world might end in so-and-so years’ etc you won’t live. And if you do worry abuot it, and believe it, then just live every day like it’s your last.

    If it does end 21st December I won’t see my seventeenth, DAMN!

  6. wealth hunter Says:

    That show on discovery channel was a very good and convincing show but the "da vinci code" sounds convincing too so………….

  7. Roberto Says:

    The world is not going to end, some of us will end, (die)? some sooner than others. as far a date, there is no way to tell, because if we knew when we were going to end, then we would go on a wild sprint. So stop worrying, the world is not going to end, never, ever, in physics we found out that matter does not self destruct or goes away, it simple transforms.
    Now.."if you do get married", then the world as you know it so far, will end indeed.
    Wealth hunter, about the DaVinci Code, the book has two things right, two and two only, That London is in England, and Paris is in France, the rest of the book is bologna. (Bulloney)

  8. Lila Grace Says:

    Who knows when it will end? i believe as a muslim only god knows when it will end.

  9. West of Encino Says:

    Didn’t they say the entire banking system along with the worlds economy would collapse Jan 1, 2000? hmmm come to think of it, it’s happening now. so that being said… we’re good until 2020 and by that time I will be shot to death by a jealous husband after i’m found in bed with his wife.

  10. WeepingWillow Says:

    Jordan, the beginning of the end is near. The world will end in 2012 as predicted by the Mayan calendar. Barack Obama is the antichrist. His first term will expire in 2012 because he will get elected. He is going to create a global empire under his rule. Barack’s daughter’s names are of significance: One of the names means "bitter," and the other one means "enemy of man." It says the antichrist will come out of nowhere and has no son becuase he is the son of Satan. I want YOU and EVERYBODY here to: TYPE IN BARACK OBAMA ANTICHRIST ON YOUTUBE AND WATCH EVERY VIDEO POSSIBLE. I guarantee you you will be convinced. Also read about the antichrist online and read your bibles.

    Turn to Jesus Christ everybody before it is too late. Barack Obama is leading a Christ like campaign with words like "hope" and "redemption," people see him as a prophet or a Christ like being but he is a wolf in lamb’s clothing. He is really the anticrist which gives him these powers to manipulate people. He even makes a reference to a wolf dressed in lamb’s clothing when he is talking about President Bush and his cousin Dick Cheney.

    Barack Obama will implement a new world order where everyone must get an imprint of a 666 on their hands in order to do things like travel, buy a house, go food shopping. He will take over the world and kill everyone and cause great famine and destruction. There are big black things with squares that look like speakers everywhere he goes and what they do is they brainwash people. It was invented by scientists. When he is President they will be everywhere.

    Obama is a secretly worshiping muslim. Muslim people do not believe that Jesus is the Messiah, they only think he was a regular man and not divine though they do acknowledge he spoke like a prophet. Barack Obama lives in Chicago which has an area code of 666. Barack has many antichrists (followers of the antichrists that run his campaign) research them and who they are and you will believe. Reverend Wright is a Muslim, and the head of the Muslim world (I forgot his name) lives in Chicago and Barack makes several trips there. Save yourself before it is too late.

    Remember, in the final days Jesus’ elect, who believe in Jesus and that he is the Messiah will be taken into heaven in less than a blink of an eye and escape the impending doom. Read your bibles, search obama antichrist on any website and type it in on Youtube. Save yourself b4 it is too late. Peace everyone. (do your research please…)

  11. Antonio R Says:

    Study bomb making ,learn about under ground homes and ventalation,knife throwing,hemp growing ,hide automatic weapons ,every great civilazation has fallen ,something really bad is going to happen in America ,it has been prophesied by many prophets in America.A new order will take place to create equlity ,if it does not happen alot of us are going to be wiped out.
    The bible says nation shall rise against nation the word nation in greek means Race ,race against race it is happening know,when Israel became a state in 1948 the word says not one generation shall pass till all is fulfilled,so you will see the increase of plagues ,some countries are already experimenting with high tech devices that can cause tsunamis and earth quakes all over.Unitl men stop striving to plunder the resouces of others and start seeking to become one mind we will never have unity .

  12. srnbradshaw Says:

    Two reasons, the mayan calendar, which supposedly predicted things like 9/11 says it will happen. And the recent announcement that a giant meteor is headign for earth. It has passed us several times in the past, getting closer, but in 2012 it could get close enough to get sucked into our atmosphere.

    Of course even if that were the case, we have ways of protecting ourself from meteors, and what do the mayans know really. Its all superstitious mumbo jumbo, dont but into it.And plus dis is all true god is coming soon so stop yo crap now i copied sum1 but 1 qurter of it is a lie its not mubo jumbo its real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11and im scared like evey1 else io told my friend she cried

  13. cbjack Says:

    No the world is not going to end in 2012. No matter what the Mayans thought.

    But if you really think it will end, can I have your stuff? You won’t need it anyway. You could mail it all to me at the end of 2011. Thanks.

  14. CDKRAN Says:

    If you believe the world is going to end because of somem stupid human reason, it could be tomorrow or in an hour, why on the date that the Mayan calendar ended? Im sorry to say but the person who wrte the calendar probably got tired of writting, or the tribe was wipped out befor they could finish. If you think its some natural disaster, think about it, theres tornados and earth quakes happening all the time. Don’t hold your life back because of it, you might regret it.

  15. CDKRAN Says:

    Also maybe all should start recycling, I’m 15 and got my parents to recyce everything that can be, left over food goes to my dog, START RECYCLING

  16. karnell Says:

    i dnt belived dis nd nobody can’t say when god is coming back and it s;ound stupid to say something the going to end in 2012 i have to becomme a singer and like god say if u have dream keep that inside your head and dont let nobody stop you. may god blessed you guys

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