Is there a cheap petroleum based solvent available at walmart?

I need it to clean my skateboard bearings. They’re the metal kind with the unremovable shields. also is there a lube available at walmart i can relube my bearings with?

2 Responses to “Is there a cheap petroleum based solvent available at walmart?”

  1. alex Says:

    Yeah, acetone can probobly be found at walmart but i doubt you will find some speed cream to lube it with in walmart. Best bet is to go to a skate shop to get lube. Cleaning and lubing are completely different. What I do is get some solvent such as acetone (what i use) and soak my bearings in there. After that i blow dry them to make sure their completely dry and use bones speed cream to lube them which you can find at any skate store. I wouldn’t reccomend using waterbased cleaners, citrus based cleaners or WD-40. This is because these aqueous type cleaners use “surfactants” to clean the bearings. Surfactants and penetrates can hurt the “wet ability” of the steel, not allowing oil and grease to stick to the surface of the steel properly.

  2. GeoGeek Says:

    Soak the bearings (c-rings and shields too if you’ve got serviceable bearings) in Simple Green or some other biodegradeable detergent. DON’T dilute with water! Use it straight from the bottle. The detergents are very cheap and you don’t need a whole lot anyway (just enough to cover the bearings). If you want to speed things up a little, put your cleaning container in a larger container. Fill the area around the cleaning container with warm or hot water but not enough to spill over into the cleaning container.
    The choice of cleaner/solvent isn’t crucial so long as you can get all the dirt and old grease cleaned out. However, I’d highly suggest using one of the biodegradeable cleaners. They’re cheaper, safer, easy to dispose of (just let it go down the sink) and good for other cleanup tasks as well.

    If you do insist on using solvents, avoid low-flash point solvents like gasoline, xylene, lacquer thinner, etc. which are dangerously flammable. Also wear latex/chem lab gloves if possible when handling these chemicals. Solvents are no fun to ingest or absorb through your skin. An alternative is to use a pair of tongs or tweezers to handle your bearings.