is there a sight for landlords to find out about possable bad tenants?

ok i have rental property id like to look up a name to find out about the person maybe info from a past land lord because i had a deadbeet tenant that i think other property owners need and have the right to no about

5 Responses to “is there a sight for landlords to find out about possable bad tenants?”

  1. Landlord Says:

    Do a credit check. Look up the past landlord yourself and call them. Check court records for lawsuits, arrest, driving tickets (look for DUI’s).

  2. H Says:

    If you have a rental property and plan on doing business, I suggest you learn to spell and use proper grammar.

    You can look for a site in a search engine, however, I doubt there is one. The best you can do is research the individual…if that is legal with your company or in your state.

  3. magicbird Says:

    I’m a landlady myself. Always, ALWAYS run a credit check on any and all potential renters before you rent out the property. If their credit score is low, then just say, "I’m sorry, but you unfortunately don’t have a good credit rating." That is the surest way to protect yourself from deadbeat tenants.

  4. estielmo Says:

    You run a complete criminal/credit check on all adult occupants (they pay for it) and that should weed out most undesirables. You also study landlord tenant law in your area and join a landlord association.

  5. Because I Said So Says:

    you’re talking in circles- do you want to look up a new tenant, or report an old one? there are sites where you can pay to run a background check once you have the tenant’s application with and DOB & SSN. that’s why most landlords charge an application fee, because getting that info costs money.