Is this still a free country?

What happened to my right to smoke?The state taxes the hell out of me,and now they want to tell me when I can or can’t smoke.I understand some people don’t smoke and don’t wanna be around it.I belive the owner of the restraunt or store should decide about smoking inside.A sign that says we allow smoking or one that says no smoking.If you don’t smoke go to a store that don’t allow it.If you smoke go ahead and light up.After all it is America."LAND OF THE FREE"?

11 Responses to “Is this still a free country?”

  1. abqdan Says:

    No, it’s not free, but it is for sale. Ask any of Bush’s friends – Halliburton, the oil companies, the arms dealers…

    In case you hadn’t noticed, laws can determine where you do a lot of things. You can’t drink on the street in most states, though it’s legal to buy alcohol. You can’t have an open container in a car. You can’t walk down the street naked. Laws are determined BY THE PEOPLE to protect them and to uphold their moral values. If people don’t like a law, they can campaign to have it changed, or vote out the people who put it into effect.

    You live in the most free country in the world – you should be grateful!

  2. 007 Says:

    i got 1 word for you. LIBERALS.

  3. Mizhani Says:

    Yes, and you do have the right to impair your health, but not the health of others… and unfortunately second hand smoke is equally as harmful as smoking a cigarette yourself. Sounds like you just need to smoke in your house and send only yourself to an early grave.

  4. Dr. DeLight Says:

    No it is not a Free country.

  5. crazy person Says:

    yes its still a free country, but we have to follow the laws

  6. sandy Says:

    since when has it ever been a free country, i’m not able to just go outside and take a walk without somebody telling me to get out of their yard

  7. eggman Says:

    It’s all about the money… people like yourself who take risks with their health, even if they know the risk involved but continue to do it anyway, still cost money when the doctor has to operate on your lungs or whatever. Obesity is a much more costly problem than smoking in terms of dollars spent on healthcare, but you don’t see the government taxing fat people (yet). In answer to your question, yes it’s still a free country up to a point. When agents of the government can arrest you, incarcerate you indefinitely without charging you with a crime, deny your access to legal counsel or any form of due process, and hold you forever in a secret prison in a foreign country, its hard to really call it a free country… the America of our parents generation never did things like that because they never faced the same threat from terrorism that we do now, but its a pretty high price to pay if you ask me.

  8. horsewolflover2004 Says:

    although this is a "free country" one must remember this simple phrase "my rights end where your rights begin and vice versa". each person has the right to smoke, we also do not have the right to give another person cancer or emphysema, pardon the spelling, by second hand smoke. personal choice is supposed to still be free, although here in the south, we believe that most of the rights guaranteed by the constitution and the bill of rights were denied and quashed by the war between the states and that has given congress the right to do what it does with such laws now. i live my life by the simple rule i stated above, my rights start where everyone elses ends and my rights end where everyone elses begins.

  9. Tech Support Says:

    I think you’re right, in part. Smoking is still allowed, as long as you do it outside, in designated areas, and away from the general public. People who don’t smoke dont’ want to be inhaling your second-hand smoke. It’s been proven time and time again that second-hand smoking is extremely hazardous to your health and even causes cancer. Forcing other people to smoke may very well be killing them… Think about that for a second.

    However, I think places like bars should still allow smoking indoors. People generally go to bars to drink, smoke and pick up other "bar people"… I think establishments like that should be able to have their own say so in the matter.

    Then again, I also think that we shouldn’t have to pay income tax, but I don’t see that going away anytime in near future either! Might as well just get used to it and move on…

  10. ginger p Says:

    did you hear on the news about the zoo i think that bs iam a smoker to think we are loseing are rights as smokers it makes me not went to pay taxes to bad i have

  11. happy heathen Says:

    As a smoker, I do feel that my rights have been somewhat compromised. I understand the reasoning behind making it unlawful to smoke in an indoor facility – smoke travels, and I respect non-smokers not wanting to breathe in air that my cigarette has polluted. HOWEVER – I do NOT understand the newer laws that make it unlawful to smoke in OUTDOOR areas. Smoke dissipates outdoors, and, the last time I checked, no one owns the air in the great outdoors. What is the mentality behind making it unlawful to smoke anywhere outdoors (not just in "designated smoking areas)? I can only think it is to generate additional revenue by allowing tickets to be issued against smokers.

    I know smoking is bad, and I plan to try and quit in the near future. However, even if I become a non-smoker, I will still argue that smokers have rights, too, and that smoking ANYWHERE outdoors should be allowed.

    Yesterday, I was in WalMart, at the deli counter, waiting for my number to be called to get some lunch meats. The man ahead of me asked for his ham to be "shaved" (cut paper-thin, almost falling apart). The deli clerk told him that she couldn’t do it, that there was a "new store policy against it", something about "bacteria". I said, "ARE YOU INSANE?!? I have been eating shaved deli meats for over 40 years and never got sick from it once!!!" Several other people also complained loudly and angrily about this ridiculous new "policy". We deduced that the REAL reason behind it is – it takes more time for the clerk to cut the meats that way. So, basicially, screw the customer. Again. I am calling WalMart corporate headquarters today and entering a formal complaint. I hate WalMart – especially since they put my neighborhood grocery stores out of business and now there is virtually no where else to conveniently shop.

    We have WAY too many mindless, unreasonable, "PC" rules, laws, and regulations. Stupid is as stupid does. Shame on us and the morons we elect.