Is this true?there will be a war between whites and blacks?

it´s no secret that a there is lot of racism in South Africa and recently I saw on the news that the are black people to killing many rich white land owners with black workers and former politicians for the White supremacy and that a black politician said on live tv who dreams of the death of all whites in the South African and a white politician said "if blacks want war they are going to have a war"

i think that the black community is right there are just defending their self’s

4 Responses to “Is this true?there will be a war between whites and blacks?”

  1. Yon Says:

    South Africa is hardly more racist than most multicultural countries in the world including USA.
    In fact majority of South Africans of all races want to live peacefully with all there countrymen. Most malls, bars, and streets are filled with people of all races interacting happily and racism is something that happened on the fringes of society, or hidden in peoples subconscious.

    There is certainly no war in SA or anything even resembling a war. The stories you here are myths or isolated incidents blown out of proportion by sensationalist international media. Watch this video for a humorous and informative take on the matter.

  2. danibel khoshabeh Says:

    Take a look at Africa, the reason why their countries are colonized are through wars., so yes there will be.

  3. .... Says:

    I would choose an M-16 over a spear any day so it looks like whites may rule again.

  4. smokehillfarm Says:

    Nothing new. All over Africa the native Blacks have been killing white landowners and stealing their farms, and the new Black governments turn a blind eye to it.

    It has been happening in a small scale in S Africa, which is why a huge percentage of Whites have left already.