Is this why gun owners don't want gun registration? IL AG to give gun owner's names to criminals?

Most people have always wondered why many gun owners are against gun registration and stored gun owner identification. Is this why? A stepping stone to this:,0,6114050.story

Fittingly, it’s straight from the land of Obama. The only possible reason for making gun owner’s names public is to spite gun owners, make sure criminals know which homes to rob if they want a firearm, and/or protect criminals from robbing a home that’s potentially dangerous. The state police, Republican lawmakers, gun rights groups and basically anyone with an ounce of common sense is against this.

As usual the looney left, would rather side with the criminal than the law abiding Libertarian or Conservative gun owner.

Can there even be a an argument for this action that makes sense?

9 Responses to “Is this why gun owners don't want gun registration? IL AG to give gun owner's names to criminals?”

  1. The Wolf Says:

    That is one reason, but another and the biggest reason is that anywhere there has ever been registration, confiscation follow soon after. The gun hating liberals know that there is no way to confiscate all the firearms unless they know where they are at, so they are dying to get all firearms registered. When you ask any liberal gun hater how registration will reduce crime they come up with a lot of stupid answers but no answers that make any sense whatsoever. As anyone with at least two brain cells to rub together should know, there is just possible way registration of firearms or firearm owners could ever reduce crime in any way.

    As for the Illinois FOIL, it has never been used to stop a crime, or solve one, and it never will be. It is just something the gun hating liberals use to get people use to the idea of registration. Why should a firearm owner need more Identification than it takes to get the Illinois FOID? A Illinois driver’s license OR Illinois ID number has to be provided to get a FOID, in fact not providing this number is one of the top five reason a FOID is not issued.

  2. Rufus McDicklesack Says:

    IL is a fvcked up mess…

  3. Maxwell Says:

    such lists should be protected from FOIA by privacy laws.

  4. Steve Says:

    none that i can think of your dead right

  5. Liberal anti-virus Says:

    No, but by now I’m sure you know very little the lefties do is sensible.

  6. Jamie Says:

    well register me as a gun owner
    i own a 9mm
    a shot gun and a 30.0.6 rifle and have been trained to use them
    does this scare people??..

  7. Bill Says:

    I hope the NRA sues the shit out of them. Why not post in the newspaper who owns 60" LED TVs or something, just make people a target of theft. Why does it need to be public knowledge of who legally possesses a firearm which is guaranteed by the Constitution.
    Where is the ACLU I wonder??

  8. Monkin Says:

    Its an essential, that criminals know which homes have weapons and, they could get themselves shot if they brake in at night. But if they brake in while the home owner is at work then the criminal can maintain his supply of weapons and fulfill his needs for weapon without endangering themselves. Leave it to the liberals to worry about the needs of criminals.

  9. Exitwound Says:

    The NRA is usually the voice for gun owners and their philosophy is "give an inch, they’ll take a mike".