is vaseline petroleum jelly good for my skin?

is is ok if i wear Vaseline jelly every night on my face before i go to bed. will this be good for my skin?
what are the advantages and disadvantages?

3 Responses to “is vaseline petroleum jelly good for my skin?”

  1. Pinkladychick Says:

    not unless if your whole face is dry. if you put all that on your face your pores will not be able to breathe so therefore it will just be taking in all that vaseline and your pores will get clogged. i wouldn’t recommend doing it. its fine if you put it on your lips at night though. but just not your whole face

  2. Laredo Says:

    No. Vaseline is too heavy and will cause pimples and clogged pores. Use a regular skin moisturizer formula for the face.

  3. river85715 Says:

    It’s good if your skin is chapped. It helps hold in moisture so that chapped skin can heal quicker. But, it is not good to use as a daily moisturizer.