Is white petroleum jelly the same as vaseline?

I want to make my own skin care products and most use vaseline. I bought petroleum jelly (ingredients are white petroleum jelly) for a dollar and want to make sure it’s the same thing as or an ok substitute for vaseline. Thanks!

6 Responses to “Is white petroleum jelly the same as vaseline?”

  1. Krispy Says:

    :-) petroleum jelly and Vaseline are both the same the different is their name.

  2. Tara Rose Says:

    Yes it can be used as a substitute because their main ingredients are the same

  3. makeupgal123 Says:

    same thing

  4. Sandy Peters Says:

    Yes same thing. I wouldn’t use either though as a skin care product. Lots of people use it as lip balm and it’s the worst thing to do. It doesn’t moisturise and just sits as a barrier on the lips.

  5. barlage youngkin Says:

    check it below. Gooooood luck (:

  6. Victoria Says:

    I think there is a different. The petroleum jelly by white rose is good. I have seen better results from using it than from vaseline. Vaseline is neat and like a thin shield “neat like” but it is nice to use also. But White rose petroleum skin protectant is thicker, messy, works, and better I have found it to be in getting great results.