Israel occupy Palestinian LANDS,creat illegal setelments,Pal shoot at the settlements,israel BOMB Pal?how fair?

israel occupy Palestinian LANDS,creat illegal setelments,Pal shoot at the settlements,israel BOMB Pal?how fair?
I dont care what the israelis use as an excuse horrible Massacres in Gaza,i dont have to take what they say for granted,i have my own brain,and i have facts,so i can have my OWN opinion.
The FACTS say that:
-israel is occupying Palestinian lands (more than what was given to them by the UN with no right at all) since 1948 & in violation to more than 40 UN resolutions,refusing to give the land back to the Palestinians.
-israel built settlements on those STOLEN Lands ,which means they have NO intention to give it back.

-israel take the most advanced weapons from the us,
while the Palestinians r denied any weapons,which make it totaly UNBALANCED between the occupiers (israelis)& the real Land owners according to the UN(the Palestinians).
-The Palestinian resistance(Hamas) shoots small rokets on those ILLEGALL settlements (which is not on israeli Land according to the UN,its occupied Palestinian land),to force those land thieves settlers out,which is the right of everyone to resist occupation .
(Note that those rokets killed only 9 israeli settlers (3000 rokets) in 3 years,while israel killed 1400 Palestinian in the same period!!!)

-israel say that Hamas r terrorists & attacking israel?,and that they have the right to "defend themselves"?! while the fact is they r the occupiers & the invaders?!?
-israel also puts a BRUTAL siege on Gaza for about 2 YEARS,causing a humaniterian crisis & trying to starve the Palestinian to break their resistance will & force them to stop annoying the SETLERS on the Palestinian lands?!?!?!?

-The Palestinians refuse to GIVE UP,and kept resisting even under the siege.
-israel asks for a truce with the Palestinians for 6 Month,saying that they will take the siege off & stop attaking & in return the Palestinians should stop firing rokets on the occupied lands,

-The Palestinians agreed, to give the 1.5 Million Palestinian in Gaza a break to breath after 2 years of being under siege,so they stoped firing rokets.

-israel in return,did not take the siege off,and killed 40 Palestinians in the truce period with assasenations?!?!?!

So,Of course after the truce period ended,the Palestinians resumed their resistance .

-israel then started the worst MASS Massacres on Gaza last saturday,
Bombing the dense populated strip with tons of bombs & guided missiles,
Killing more than 520 Palestinians(30% of them women & Kids?!?!?!?),

Injuring more than 3000 Palestinians(40% of them women & Kids),

Bombing Hospitals,Medical storages,Houses,Fams & Mosques while ppl r PRAYING inside?!?!?
and then israel say they r defending themselves???!!!!???!!!!
and all the world have to beleive & agree with the HOLOCAUST they r commiting against the real victims (the Palestinians)who had their land stolen for 60 years , gets bombed & called terrorists for trying to free it from the REAL TERRORIST,the israeli.
(Note,u can check those facts from any "neutral" news source)

Now,whats ur OWN opinion.

One Response to “Israel occupy Palestinian LANDS,creat illegal setelments,Pal shoot at the settlements,israel BOMB Pal?how fair?”

  1. HIS! Says:

    Okay! I can see your point…..

    So why haven’t other Muslim countries give sanctuary to Palestinians? Instead of forcing Palestinians to remain in a war torn land with Hamas militants?

    Oh….and remember the Dome of the Rock that is sitting on Israel’s land? Land they were given for their own? Does that go unnoticed by the Palesinians?

    And does Israel not deserve a homeland?

    You have valid points, but this goes back before either you or I. This is a multi-century battle that is not going to be decided on Yahoo.