I've been waiting so long for the contract, does my money count?

We have been paying payments every month for three years, waiting for the last two years for the home owner to get us a sales contract. If I would have been able to purchase it two years ago, I would have paid over ,000 worth of my own house payments. Now that the owner has the papers together, he seems to think that none of the money I paid already is going to reduce the sales price from two years ago. Is this right? Is there a law about land contracts, or verbal agreements in Florida?

One Response to “I've been waiting so long for the contract, does my money count?”

  1. SmartA$$ Says:

    you don’t give enough information about your situation in order for anyone to give you an in-depth answer, but I’ll just say 2 things:

    1: if you don’t have a written contract regarding the money you already paid, then your probably out of luck.

    2: the best answers will come straight from an attorney. You can always contact one and try to find one that will review all your contracts for free to tell you your options.