Just Why Won't Pelosi And Many other Democrats Let Us Drill For Our Own Oil?

The Chinese drill for oil just 47 miles from our borders, ANWAR has been refused, and I believe the Democratic Senate and congress will block the new find in the Northwestern part of the States.

Are Democrats for the "common man" or is that just a story?

Higher gas and oil prices really are detrimental to the poor aren’t they?
Beardog4: Geologists say the oil found in Montana and surrounding areas is the biggest find since Saudi. Marathon is now exploring the rocky terrain that will be difficult to drill.
Informat: 12-15 billion barrels of oil estimated to be in Anwar Alaska, read the Alaskan girls best answer in the link above, is a lot of oil. The Chinese are drilling and getting oil less tha 47 miles away!
2partydictatorship: Would that be because the Dems block us from building more refineries?
cantcu: Pelosi IS a Democrat!

33 Responses to “Just Why Won't Pelosi And Many other Democrats Let Us Drill For Our Own Oil?”

  1. Philip H Says:

    If we solve our own problems, then the Democrats loose a campaign issue.
    They don’t WANT solutions.
    The Democrats want to promote the SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST agenda.

  2. Pied Hussein Piper Says:

    They’re pandering to the environmentalists. Besides, they don’t want to fix things. They just want to complain about things.

  3. Abu#2 Says:

    All of our politicians are working for some big company. They have no interest for their constituents. They only care about lining their own pockets.

  4. Conservative 1st, patriot 2nd Says:

    they hate pride in anyone but themselves
    but they love bringing everyone down…

  5. MesyJes Says:

    Because they don’t want to make things easier on the poor. If they lose the poor, they lose their power…..plain and simple.

  6. Majority Says:


    You ain’t gettin’ your greasy mitts on ANWAR.

    Move on.

  7. gizmo Says:

    DEms are also for the environment and preservation of wildlife

  8. beardog4314 Says:

    By new find, you mean "proposed drilling expedition". They don’t know if there’s oil or not- they just want to poke holes in Alaska until they find some.

    It’s not as if the oil companies would charge us less for oil they find here, so they might as well leave it here until they’ve drained the middle east.

  9. information_police Says:

    Take a look at ANWAR – it is a tiny portion of the North Slope. Miniscule! It isn’t more than a drop in the bucket compared to the rest of the oil we are drilling all around it. I’ll bet we could get at that oil from outside the boundaries of ANWAR, anyway.

  10. madskier1 Says:

    The democrats have stopped any and all drilling plans for years!

    The worst load is Ted Kennedy.
    Fatboy will not allow winmills on Cape Cod as it "would ruin his view" from the Kennedy compound.

    Not that he can see anything straight after 6:00 pm anyway!

  11. Client No. 1 Says:

    they don’t care about poor American families.

    Hillary and Pelosi won’t even let us build nuclear electric plants to save the globe from warming and to keep prices low

  12. Susan J Says:

    They think that they are protecting the environment.

  13. Frank Says:

    We don’t need more oil, oil is the past.

    The sooner we get off of oil and start using alternative energy sources (which are already available), the better off the US will be. (economically, strategically, environmentally)

    Drilling for more oil will only prolong the inevitable. Oil will run out in the next century. Why not invest in the future? Why not be on the cutting edge? Why not develop new infrastructure that will keep America safe and secure and leading the world again?

  14. caldude1010101 Says:

    You’re joking, right?

    We are drilling for oil and natural gas all over the US right now.

    Inventories of drilling equipment from the major suppliers are running low and prices for this equipment, as a result, are skyrocketing.

    Major drilling companies are hiring people left and right and paying good hourly rates running from $15-25/hr. Their rigs are running 24/7/365.

  15. dinodino Says:

    The price of oil isn’t going down even if ANWAR is opened up and any reserves left in the US are tapped. This is because the demand from India and China is rising geometrically. You are grasping at straws.

  16. 2 Party Dictatorship Says:

    You realize that still does not fix the refining capacity problem.

  17. mike w Says:

    They don’t really care- McCain 08 !!!!!

  18. Cuppa Jo Says:

    They don’t get it do they…..

  19. BP Says:

    The United States has enough oil in the mainland to supply the county with gas for the next 100 or so years. This theory that we have to drill in ANWAR to get enough oil is complete BS. The gov’t knows this and the only reason that it refuses to drill more in places like Utah and Texas is because it wants the prices to stay up. Perhaps if the Bush admin. and 3/4 of congress didn’t have investments in oil companies, we would be drilling more in the US and the prices would go down. The federal government has full capabilities to start drilling more in mainland US and if it did that, prices could easily go down to $1.50/gallon within a year. So, while I’m not all against drilling in ANWAR, it’s not necessary to drill there; other places have it as well. The problem is that the government doesn’t want to drill there. The government wants the prices to stay up.

  20. Ollie Monsoon Says:

    Democrats and Republicans alike will not support drilling for oil in America because that’s not in the best financial interests of the Oil Industry.

  21. huckleberryjimmy Says:

    I could be very mean but you look like a nice lady so I’ll refrain.

    If they wanted to drill for their own oil maam, they would have done that a long time ago. There’s no money in drilling for your own oil. It’s a much better racket using OPEC as the bad guys and blaming the supply & demand lie on them. This way you can control your profits like turning on and off the faucet.

  22. Uptown Says:

    If you are so worried, then drill for oil in your back yard.

  23. Ambrose Says:

    It’s idiotic because oil companies are *supposed* to be putting some of their massive profits into alternative-energy research – but they obviously aren’t. We CAN’T keep sucking out oil. Oil runs out. Do you understand? *It runs out and eventually we’re going to need a different energy source.* It’s stupid and pointless to continue ruining irreplaceable things just so we can get the last few drops of oil out of the earth before we’re f*cked.

    Hey, guess who’s profiting massively from our stupid desire to suck the last few drops of oil out of the earth?

    We need to start finding and using different energy sources NOW. Not further destroying the environment just because we can.

  24. Pisz Says:

    Drilling for oil in Alaska threats nature dramatically. The Chinese also used to throw their children in trash cans. Maybe we should follow their lead there too? Let me ask you a question? Why should we as Americans continue to rape the planet so we can have bigger houses than we need, bigger cars, plastic crap that fill up our big houses etc. Trust me I don,t believe in everything the Democrats believe in, however the protected land are precious and few. Maybe we all should focus on the infrastructure in our cities by ADDING MORE MASS TRANSIT, carpooling and using less instead of complaining about how bad we have it in this country. The Republicans have it all wrong and attitudes such as yours can and will destroy the planet. When is the last time you carpooled?

  25. cantcu Says:

    The reason we have not dug for oil for past decades is that it has been cheaper to buy it and business are not going to dig for something that can readily get cheaper!

    Want to drill for oil fine, but don’t put Georgia‚Äôs Bank at risk where we can do unthinkable damage to the wildlife, our fishing industry, and your food!! I think you have already seen the damage oil can do in Alaska, that Exxon is refusing to pay to clean up. The damage, to some extents, are irreversible!

    Sure higher oil and gas prices are detrimental to the poor, just as is hiring illegal aliens as employees on no-bid government contracts to do the work paid for by those who are poor, as is sending jobs overseas detrimental to the poor. In fact, George Bush is detrimental to the poor as he robs them to give to the rich! If some Democrat said, hey let’s give some of the money back the rich have been getting for decades you would say it is a "Redistribution of Wealth", would you not? Why don’t you say the same when you take from the poor to give to the rich?

    One thing is for certain, Democrats are not big deficit spenders, like Republicans, and their focus is not entirely on the wealthy, or what Bush called his constituency: "The have and the have mores"! Since Bush programs to help US citizens in need have been cut on a yearly basis by Bush, including 1 Billion Bush cut the VA Hospitals 3 years into a war while giving tax-cuts to the rich!

    Are Republicans for "free enterprise" when they keep bailing out mismanaged industry, which flies in the face of the definition. You can’t have it both ways, which you always seem to want!

    Pelosi isn’t a Democrat!

  26. SteveA8 Says:

    Hey Moody, stop trying to use logic and reason with Liberals. They can’t get all emotional about things like facts and logic. Since all their positions are emotion based, either feel good, feel guilty, feel angry, feel afraid, safe to say, Mr Spock they’re not.

  27. Rada S Says:

    What is ironic is the Tree Huggers are going to have to clean up after the Chinese have an Oil spill…..so not only will they have Our Oil,

    we will have to clean up after them…what kinda sense is that?
    …do they think 50 miles away with an oil spill would Not come on OUR shores….

  28. mjmayer188 Says:

    Doesn’t make much sense does it? We want to rid our selves of our dependence on foreign oil, but we can’t drill our own. (By the way, a lot of those deposits were located using the tax breaks for oil companies that everyone is all bent out of shape over.)

    We need to open up more areas to drilling, and at the same time require the oil companies to direct some of the profits from that drilling toward alternative energy research. Then we get both a short term and a long term solution.

  29. kramreg Says:

    The primary problem is the fact that Democrats know that one of their most vocal and important constituencies are the lunatic environmenalist fringe. To the environmentalist the moose and polar bear cubs are more important than whether your grandmother can afford to heat her house in the winter. She’s old and will probably die within the next few years anyway, so we should concentrate on insuring that we don’t disturb the mating habits of Smokey and Bambi. Try explaining to them that the footprint of drilling operations would be extremely small and the effect on wildlife would be miniscule and you’ll be shouted down as a champion of big oil, which after all, is only interested in lining their pockets. Perhaps when the price of oil approaches $200/barrel, the tree huggers will decide that their gas budget is eating into their tofu and protest budget too much and will get out of the way of progress.

  30. bee bee Says:

    When Nancy Pelosi has any thing to do with anything. you can count on total confusion and disarray. Nancy pelosi is trouble..period. I can’t wait until she booted.or what ever.!!!!!

  31. ..Howdy* Says:

    I agree with Barry, the very same people who blame Bush won’t let us remedy the situation, it doesn’t make sense! And then when you think about it,,,there are politicians who have been in office as long as 40 yrs who have known about it for yrs and have done nothing…it’s incredible! We need term limits!

  32. Denise J Says:

    Several reasons in this order:
    1) They don’t want the Bush Administration getting credit for lower gas prices,
    2) They have a party full of environmental wackos that don’t care if they destroy the U.S. economy if it would mean saving a species of frog.
    Take your pick.

  33. smsmith500 Says:

    I don’t know but so far they are OPEC’s best friends in the US. They block every new attempt to drill, won’t let us build new refineries or Atomic power plants. They have problems with wind and geothermal. The won’t be satified till we are living in cold, dark houses eating raw tofu.