Land right for Illegal grand children?

I am planning to buy a land in Tamilnadu. But the land owner is dead. His 2 sons and a daughter are jointly willing to sell the property. The daughter has 2 illegal kids whose whereabouts are not revealed. The other grand kids do not have issue in selling the property. Do the illegal grand kids also have right on the property? Will there be any issue in buying that property?
Land in Tamilnadu, India

2 Responses to “Land right for Illegal grand children?”

  1. Yellow Alarm Clock Says:

    Illegal kids? That doesn’t mean anything. Children are not against the law.

    Anyway, they need to work out who owns the house before you can buy it. Grandchildren will probably be irrelevant, unless they’re mentioned in a will. Once they sort out which of them own(s) the property, they can sell it to you.

  2. cute_girly63 Says:

    I don’t think the grandkids have a say in it. If the man only had 3 kids and they are all okay with selling to you then I think you will be able to buy it. But I’m not sure so you may want to ask the police or someone like that.