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Landman: A self-employed individual or company employee who:

  • Secures oil and gas leases.
  • Checks legal titles.
  • Attempts to cure title defects.

Landmen are a crucial, integral, and vital part of the energy industry. Landmen work for oil companies in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Kansas, Arkansas, Virgina, North Carolina, South Carolina, New York, and several other states and countries. Several universities have added professional land management as a major. 

The American Association of Petroleum Landman is the foremost authority on everything having to do with the profession. The AAPL as it is called, has an extensive certification program for anybody in the land business. They offer the following certifications:

RL, Registered Landman

RPL, Registered Professional Landman

CPL, Certified Professional Landman

AAPL’s mission statement is as follows:

The Mission Statement specifies the fundamental reasons for our existence and establishes the scope of the Association and the context for its goals and objectives.  AAPL’s mission is to promote the highest standards of performance for all land professionals, to advance their stature and to encourage sound stewardship of energy and mineral resources.
Click here for more information on the AAPL.

Many landmen also double as right of way agents, and clear the way for pipelines, wind towers, cell phone towers, and just about any other structure imaginable. Right of way agents are certified through the “International Right of Way Association”, or sometimes called the IRAW, they have a wonderful site, devoted to everything that is ROW. Check it out here.

For those interested in becoming a landman or just getting to know a little about the field, then you might interested in this website. It is full of great people and great information.

If you’ve ever walked into the County Clerk’s office of a courthouse, and seen several men and women, huddled over maps, computers and big huge books….Then chances are that you’ve seen a landman, or a landwoman….

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