Laws on property maintained by one homeowner and then purchased by adjacent homeowner – I maintained 11 years:

I purchased home 11 years ago, and was told that I owned additional 50 feet on property. I spent a year and 0. to clear land. I have maintained the land for 11 years. Three years ago a man moved in and bought huge tract of land, whick apparently included the 50 ft. I thought were mine. Now the new owner is telling me to move things off the property that I have maintained and is constantly giving me a hard time about my kids being on the property – yet for 11 years it was ours. We cleared, mowed, maintained and used this property with the assumption that it was ours. And now we are being told to get out. Now he tells us about township rules and regulations. A neighbor told me that there are laws stating that if you have maintained and used a property for a length of time, then you have rights to that property and you can file with a lawyer to have the land turned over to you. Does anyone have any idea on this dilema, or know where I can search for such information

3 Responses to “Laws on property maintained by one homeowner and then purchased by adjacent homeowner – I maintained 11 years:”

  1. Josh K Says:

    Depending on where you live in, you may have a case, but you really havent given enough info for anyone to help you,.

  2. opalescent_angel Says:

    Here it is, plain and simple. Who holds the title? Who has paid the tax bill for the las 11 years? I’m guessing it’s not you. If you maintained land that you didn’t own for 11 years, they just got 11 years free maintenance from you.

  3. Steve R Says:

    Check with your state laws on this. Most states have some law on how a person can get title to abandoned property or property that they have had uncontested control of.

    I cannot find the law right now in a quick search, but I seem to remember that it was either 10 years or 25 years in Texas, but that the claim had to be filed while the possession was uncontested. With the new owner contesting your possession, I think you need to clear off his land under Texas law. There are some rules about his owing you for any improvements you have made though.

    Check with a good lawyer in your area.