lawyers in michigan regarding property owners and oil/gas drilling?

my property is next door to an active oil/gas drilling job. The noise and inconvenience is unbelievable. I do not have mineral rights, but want to be compensated for my hardships that have been going for 3 weeks and they say another 6-7 weeks. What lawyer should I call? I have been on here all day making calls and with no luck!
yes they have the rights to drill but they have my house rumbling like a washer in the spin cycle and off balance 24-7 non stop. The noise is ‘real’ loud and never stops. I am talking in feet, about 200 feet from my door to the rig and drilling equipment. This is not a petty little inconveinence, this is a major thing.
to #4, are you not reading my post? This is NOT a neighbor scuff, this is a billion dollar project, they have state and local permits and everything. This crew is going for natural gas and had passed up on 3 oil hits and passed that to another company who is going to drill near the land for the oil hits. This is not something that can be handled like a childish prank. I am not going to do something immature and childish like the stunts you mentioned. I have inquired with the DNR and the actual company responsible for the job who is 2000 miles away in another state and this crew consist of some 30+ men and millions of dollars in equipment. This is a legal matter needing a lawyer and I can not afford some 300-500 per hour consults and working hours to battle. I was hoping for a more legal approach like maybe the input from a lawyer who knows more about the laws pertaining to this situation.

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  1. kemperk Says:

    maybe you are approaching this illogically???–
    a; they are either violating the noise ordinance of your city
    or they are not; call the police NON emergency # and
    ask what the noise hours are…….if 7 am to 10 pm as I think there will be, call when the noise goes beyond that.
    b; the owner wants to dig for materials. DOES he have
    permits? check it out.

    c; if he is disturbing your property……..and I guess
    where you live, no one cares…….
    find out what you can legally do to tease him;
    toilet paper his house from a distance
    squirt water on the house while you are watering your
    in short, he has made your life uncomfortable, so if he
    does not wish to be more reasonable,
    make his life uncomfortable.
    —he lives elsewhere –while this is going on–I presume.
    find out where and tease him.
    —also, you can injunct him by indicating that his
    Indian burial ground paper work is inadequate.
    [or invent something else]

    be very creative.

    ask local HS students; boys esp, how you can tease

    have his power turned off

    accidentally dumb tons of ashes onto his property
    accid…….toss syrup and food and release animals
    and bugs and more onto his property but never
    ever trespass.

    luck to you

    [did you just see that, it looks like a BODY WAS buried there
    last night]

  2. zipper Says:

    If they have the Oil or Mineral rights they have the right to drill or dig.

  3. Bill Says:

    That is all you will get as you do not have the right to control the use of the property next door. If they are violating a zoning code or doing something illegal then you may be able to stop them, otherwise you will just have to put up with it.

  4. acermill Says:

    You can call any attorney you desire. It won’t do you any good. Your ‘hardships’ consist of some noise and dirt, and that is the same as if someone was building a new house next to your property. You’re not entitled to silence during this period. The company has a right to drill there.