Liberals complain about the price of gas. Should we drill more oil wells, build refineries, use nuclear?

What is the liberal answer? Mrs. BJ Clinton wants to tax the oil companies more. Won’t that just cause them to move to another country? Who is stopping us from drilling oil wells in the gulf of mexico or ANWAR in alaska, or building gasoline refineries, or using nuclear power?

24 Responses to “Liberals complain about the price of gas. Should we drill more oil wells, build refineries, use nuclear?”

  1. Mayor Quimby Says:

    Liberals always want it one way. But republicans know reality and are more rational and logical. Like the dumbbass who was filling up his suburban that had an anti-bush sticker on it and started complaing to me about the price of gas and how it was Bush’s fault. I told him it was his fault for buying a bus as a car. He didnt like it. Tough. Liberals need to be put in their place.

  2. DUNCAN HUNTER '08 Says:

    I think we should use dirt to fuel our cars. It will work I promise

  3. Dialectic Says:

    Not this liberal. I, for one, have enjoyed watching the shift from disgustingly large SUVs to more modest means of transportation, and I think gas prices are responsible for that. People are boycotting driving while gas prices are high, and I see more bike-riding.

    I embrace the coming energy crisis.

    Where do you get your facts?

  4. bugeyes returns Says:

    If we drilled in their heads,we get endless supplies of oil.

  5. Goldenrae9 Says:

    Use a variety of other resources.

    We are the smartest nation in the world, aren’t we? Why can’t we find a safe, renewable source?

  6. Great Answers Says:

    For every dollar an oil company makes the US government makes $1.10.
    That is why liberals do not want to drill. They can tax foreign oil more than domestic.
    Domestic drilling means less revenue wich means less power for the federal government.

  7. DJR Says:

    NO, if we did there would be nothing for Liberals to whine about. Think of all the cheese and crackers that would be wasted.

  8. Beth Says:

    No honey, liberals complain about our dependency on oil and the big fat cat oil execs reporting record profits each year. EVERYONE complains about gas prices.

  9. Autoinspector Says:

    Yeah… your a$$ will look nice glowing in the dark.
    There is nothing wrong with neuclear power as long as morons like the one you see in the mirror are not in charge.

  10. Chuck Says:

    Only do this stuff in Democratic controlled states.

  11. LatexSolarBeef Says:

    So you’re happy paying 3 dollars a gallon?

    What a tool.

    Hey Quimby, rational and logical, eh? Which one is used to create massive national debt and unreconciled sexual orientation?

    Also, the irony of your Simpson’s avatar when you’re a right-wing sac. Hilarious. You meant it that way… right?

  12. George Walker Texas Ranger Bush Says:

    How about…six years ago, start pushing for alternative fuels, instead of spending almost 2 trillion dollars on a war in which benefits the people of America how!?

    Oh yeah.

  13. T-Minus-10 Says:

    You don’t like gas prices, ride a d@mn bike. Oil com[panies don’t owe drivers cheap gas. It’s supposed to be a free market.

    Hey you know what Starbucks is charging me too much for a Latte. I want a $0.10 at the same quality and service.

    Not that i actually drink lattes. I’m a tough guy.

  14. BringTheDogBackNow Says:

    The only "drilling" liberals will approve of is what they do to each other in those all boy bars they frequent.

  15. Jerbson Says:

    cheap renewable energy will change the world over the next 50 years. Oil won’t be worth jack because it will be obsolete.

  16. Mr. Morden Says:

    What did the Bush administration and a republican congress do for 6 years about the price of gas? Anything? Until you answer that don’t try and pass this problem off on the Dem’s.

  17. ohiofirefighter42 Says:

    The biggest effect on the price of gas would be to reduce our consumption

  18. John A Says:

    It’s not just liberals complaining about the price of gas. Thing is we have to ween ourselves off of being so dependant on oil. There is other technology and we have to start promoting it. And when we do break our national oil addiction, the following things happen: It’s good for the enviroment, and our problems in the middle east disappear. We need to promote technology and there is no reason to take anything off the table.

  19. ZardoZ Says:

    Oil companies have been raking in record profits and haven’t spent a cent on building new refineries. Look at Lee Raymonds pay and $400 million dollar severance package from Exxon Mobile, a national disgrace. "Lee R. Raymond, who retired from Exxon in December, was paid more than $686 million from 1993 to 2005"

  20. xuserx2000 Says:

    we need to get away from gasoline altogether..

    The longer we stay addicted to oil, the worse it gets…period.

    A hydrogen economy is becoming more feasible as an alternative. Recently …very recently…. scientists have developed a method to mass produce hydrogen using waste materials, bacteria, and enzymes… which is a drastic improvement over the current process which requires fossil fuel to make hydrogen. The new process is very promising.

    Poking more holes in the ground isn’t going to help. Nuclear is ok with me… and as far as building more refineries…well that is up to the oil companies themselves.. They tend to reduce refining capacity in order to ship less and charge more. One thing is for sure though.. currently our economy relies on oil…and in a capitalist and demand economics do not work well on things you HAVE to gasoline. What happens is collusion and price gouging without regulation. Deregulation of energy in all forms has never worked out well for the consumer. There is no "competition" in the oil industy..that is the problem with gasoline.

    on the issue of tax breaks… I do not think it’s appropriate to give tax breaks to oil companies at a time when consumers are hurting and oil companies are posting record profits. Obviously that is not a solution but rather an addition to the problem.

  21. right you are ken Says:

    That’s as far as your thinking goes, oil or nuclear? It’s the money people, the investment firms and futures traders that are driving the price of oil. Oil should maybe be forty bucks a barrel if you are going on supply and demand alone. There is no more an oil shortage now then there was in 73′ with OPEC. Let’s just face the truth, billions and billions in profits while Mr. and Mrs. average America are getting screwed.

  22. Bearkat Says:

    Maybe we could borrow some from this guy in order to finance a drop in gas prices…?

    Of course, he made it all honestly…

    …not by the oil companies artificially jacking up gas prices…

    If we go drilling in Alaska, oil prices won’t drop one bit. They aren’t related to supply and demand any more.

  23. BekindtoAnimals22 Says:

    Actually, we are supposed to be getting off of oil. Remember, we’re addicted. You suggest nuclear. Have you heard about Yucca Mountain? Nobody wants the waste anywhere near them.

    Hydrogen would work nicely. The transition will be tough on the auto makers and there will be a problem supplying the fuel thoughout the country. Somebody is just going to have to lay down the law and demand it be done. They might have to dish out some major subsidies in the process.

  24. Beachbum Says:

    Americans are addicted to oil. You don’t conserve because of your ego. The average American family will be suffering for decades over this issue. The politicians don’t really give a dam because all they want to do is get elected,that is first and foremost in their minds. The economy is in recession mode and all you have is president dum dum saying everything is OK, well it is for him. He will go down as the worst ever. As a Canadian though we will continue to benefit from your dependence on oil, thank you for your money and as see it the gravy train won’t stop for us.
    PS. We don’t have WMD and are a sovereign nation