List of universities for chemical/petroleum engineering?

I’m planning to major in either chemical or petroleum engineering. I don’t know which one to choose yet. Any opinion? What would the market demand, let’s say in 5 more years?

If it’s chemical engineering, which universities in the states are good for it?

If it’s petroleum engineering, any universities for it? Thanks for listing out the source and name of universities.

4 Responses to “List of universities for chemical/petroleum engineering?”

  1. geek_girl Says:

    If you have the oil industry in mind for ChE as well. . . I’d go for any major colleges in the part the country where they actually have oil. You have a lot better access to what goes on in the real world that way.

    I did my ChE BS in a non-oil area. . . I have a ton of college friends who are working in TX now for the oil companies (not my interest, though), so it’s not that you don’t learn what you need to know elsewhere. It’s just a bit more frustrating if you can’t see it, you know?

    You do need to be prepared for a good challenge. I can confirm that at least ChE is NOT something you can slack off and still get a degree in — I worked harder with a 12-hour schedule than some other engineering majors did with 14-16+. I never met anyone in my school’s petroleum program to ask how it was. . . tiny, tiny major. I’d expect there will always be a demand for both fields, although I’d be inclined to think the long-term (career-length, perhaps) outlook is better for ChE since you’re less tied to these fossil fuels we’re trying to cut down on using. Both seem to pay really well (#1 and #2 for starting salaries at my undergrad engineering school), although I hope you’re not letting that dictate your career choices — you may go insane after 2-3 years if so.

  2. samianquazi Says:

    Texas A&M and the University of Texas at Austin have phenomenal programs for both majors

  3. Jessi Says:

    The engineering program at UL Lafayette is excellent. UL is a great school for academics, research, extracurricular activities and student life. It’s a great size and is such a great value for such a great education

  4. Peter Says:

    If I were you I would take Petroleum engineering degree at Texas A&M university. It’s top 5 university in US.