Mineral rights question; for home owners; the “Do’s & Don’t”.?

Where can I find good, free, information about giving permission to oil & gas drilling company to dill under my property. I did this 3 yrs. ago.
along with everyone in the collective neighborhood pool. Some have been getting very good checks now. Some of us are getting nothing (me). What does a little home owner do. I feel so stupid and duped.
Besides me "what’s wrong with this picture?" of mine. Where could I get help. If their is a state agency I could call what information do I need in hand to communicate with them? Thank you so much.

2 Responses to “Mineral rights question; for home owners; the “Do’s & Don’t”.?”

  1. Ed Atun Says:

    You had only 2 options and they were best executed before the contract was signed.
    You put into the contract that you have the right to review their accounting ledger for the exploration on all the properties; not just yours.

    You put a minimum amount that you get paid every month; regardless of the production achieved.

    There is no central place to get the information you seek. Even most lawyers do not do one "oil and gas lease" in their 30 year career. I would call the District Attorney and see if she will help you. Just a phone call would do wonders..

  2. old_woman_84 Says:

    Not sure anything I say will be of benefit to you?? I am under the understanding from many years ago–They drill where they want and if they do not chose to drill on you–your loss. My understanding it is not connected with government in any way. My only suggestion–and this could be totally wrong too–is to contact this gas and oil company. (And it sounds like they are maybe sucking profits from under you and paying someone else for it–your neighbors??)