My Angry Rant/Question :]?

I’m just generally pissed off now :] I have a TB who feels the cold quite a bit, He’s been boarding at this place for around 6 months. About a month ago a girl moved her cob to the yard, her cob could be out in the snow with a coat and would be absolutely fine. Where as mine would freeze to death. When she came we agreed that my TB could have the field with the field shelter (well pretty much a stable without a door, its really warm!) over winter, because he’ll be in it constantly in it. And she could move her cob into the other stables that are right next too the field, on the rare occasions he would need it (he’s use to stables, my TB is terrified of them because of his past).

I found out today that, she is moving her cob in a different field at the same yard, but with some different horses because hers bites my gelding over the fence, which I thought was fair enough. The thing that really pissed me off is that she contacted the owner of the yard, and has arranged to move the field shelter, and that it’s hers because she asked first.

I have absolutely nowhere to put my TB now, because he doesn’t get along with the horses in the other field where the cob is going, and its a tiny yard with only one field shelter.

I’m a student. I can’t afford buying a £1,000 field shelter!! So I think my only option is moving yards.

What would you do in my situation? I’ve tried so many things to get him use to stables, but horrific things happened to him in stables, he can’t get over them.

I’ve talked to the girl, and land owner, they just said she got there first.

I feel like a 12 year old girl 😛 I’m a 19 year old guy xD
I tried that last winter :\ He was shivering and it was only like 7c
I’d already talked it through with her, and she had agreeed, I thought I was safe! xD I didn’t really expect her to be such a Bit(hhh

6 Responses to “My Angry Rant/Question :]?”

  1. Emily Says:

    I would move barns. If the barn is halfway decent, they would understand which horse actually needs the shelter and wouldn’t go with the one who called "dibs" on it first like you guys are 5. The other way around is if they were halfway decent they may feel that your horse doesn’t actually need it that bad and you are being a bit of a baby about it. It sounds like it’s the first, I just have to put the second on there, of course :)

    First comes first is the well-being of your horse. If he’s not going to be cared for properly than he needs to be moved. Bottom line. If something happens to get worked out, I would still question the integrity of the owners. Starts as giving away your horse’s only shelter–what could potentially be next?

  2. Caz Says:

    Get him a good quality rug thats water proof and lined for warmth. Much cheaper than a field shelter.

  3. CathyAnn=) Says:

    Ha ha 12? really? lol But anyways,, i would defiantly move yards. shes being really rude. I wouldn’t put up with that..(but I also have a temper…) I don’t really have to worry about that because my horse is on my property but I have a horse boarding here with mine and if she was in your situation and i was the owner i would defiantly do something about it. The owner your working with sounds like he doesn’t really care. That’s not bad because she did get there first but it is defiantly not good because of the Temperature situation.. So i would defiantly move yards… Did any of that make sense? Sorry i have a cold and im some Nyquil and junk…:/

  4. luckypony Says:

    If he can’t keep himself warm, then you need to use blankets. My TB mare just doesn’t grow a winter coat, so we have to blanket her. The paddock doesn’t have a field shelter, but if the weather gets too bad then they go to stalls.

    If your horse can’t be put in a stall, then it’s your responsibility to contact the owner and explain why your horse needs the shelter. Tell him that your horse needs the shelter or he could get sick, and tell him that if your horse will not be properly cared for then you will take your board money elsewhere.

    If this doesn’t work, then you have to remember that this girl took action to care for her horse before you did. If there’s only 1 shelter, there’s a good chance she will get it.

  5. mokinho Says:

    I would move my horse with out a doubt. I wouldn’t feel guilty or pissed or mad I would just move. Start looking now!

    If the land owner doesn’t want to work with you then I wouldn’t trust them with my horse. First come first serve isn’t good business practice in my book.

    If you can’t find a place right away try and find someone to lend you a blanket for the winter and come spring start looking.

  6. Ehawlz is only a lil' insane Says:

    It’s okay, you’re acting like every mommy who’s baby has been wronged. ;P

    Talk to the barn owner again, if they don’t see that your horse clearly needs it, move barns. Your baby has that typical TB, tendency to be a wimp about the cold and therefore needs it. Or, sew a bunch of little pockets into his blanket, and buy a million pocket hand warmers that you fit into the sewn in pockets to keep him toasty. ‘Cause that’s sooo realistic. XD