My friend egged a car with me?

We had eggs cause her and my other friend were gonna egg this girl’s mailbox (I stayed at the end of the road, cause they were egging my friend’s mailbox who they hate). And after they did that, they walked back to me, and we had an extra egg left.
We heard this annoying dog barking at us, so my friend threw and egg near him to scare him (but not hit him) and shut him up, but she accidently hit right on top of the person’s red expensive car. it landed right on the roof of the car. The owner happened to be outside, and screamed "WHAT THE F*** WAS THAT!?" and hopped in her car and started to chase us. We hid in shrubs until her car went away then we ran the f*** back to my house! What can happen if we do get caught? And do you think we will get caught?
I had absolutely nothing to do with the whole eggs. I was only the one who had the eggs in my house. So can I get in trouble? I did run.
The girl who through the egg and heped egg the mailbox was 13.
The other girl who helped egg the mailbox was 14.
And I, who supplied the eggs am 13.

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  1. Shaen Says:

    I stayed at the end of the road, cause they were egging my friend’s mailbox.

    What a wonderful friend you are Jil, I really hope you don’t like me because I certainly don’t like you.

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