My friend is allergic to the petroleum in condoms. any suggestions?

are there any condoms without petroleum in it?

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  1. yungcountry Says:

    there are different condoms that are made from all different things. however they ain’t kept out with the rest. a pharmacy like Walgreen’s or rite-aid will be able to help your friend. just ask one of the people behind the counter.

    o,.. and condoms don’t have petroleum in them. it eats the latex. it is probable the latex or spermicide that your friend is allergic too.

  2. Anulae Says:

    I think there might be hypo-allergnenic condoms, but for sure I only know of the "Sheepskin" condoms that don’t have the latex in them. =/ They don’t protect against STDS tho.

  3. quanna_lady_a_09 Says:

    tell him to try ta put a plastic bag or a hefty or glad press-and-seal under it or sum {LOL}

  4. jt Says:

    As another poster indicated, condoms don’t have petroleum in them. A latex sensitivity is most likely the culprit. Latex sensitivity can begin with mild symptoms, but anaphylaxis (a life-threatening allergic reaction involving the respiratory system and blood pressure) can develop suddenly.

    Polyurethane or sheepskin condoms may be an alternative. They are available at any mass merchandiser or pharmacy.

    Note: sheepskin or lambskin condoms do not protect against STD’s, while polyurethane condoms do. Remember to check the expiration date when purchasing these condoms!

  5. Guy Says:

    Petroleum should not be used as a lubricant in condoms because petroleum breaks down the latex and can cause condom failure. the lubricant in a latex condom is not usually petroleum. He should use a water based lubricant, which works better like eucerin or other things found in a drug store.