My Land L. doesn't want to fix anything on my apart. , I'm tired and I don't know to pay or not my coming rent

A friend let me moved in 2 1/2 years ago the owner was agree , my friend moved out and I take care of the apart. for the las 6 months I been asking my L.L. to fix diffent things and he refuses to do it and , he always tell me I gave the unit in perfect condicions to your friend so don’t tell me now about nothing because is not my fault. I need help dont know what to do there’s not a contract between my L.L. and me but I have all records , bills , under my name for the las 2 1/2 years also cks. and M.O. of the paid rent. A friend told me take him to court and you can leave 3 months free, I dont know what to do I just want to do the right thing. in the past time extenants took him to court for the same situation and left the aparments totally damage. HELP PLEASEEEEE

2 Responses to “My Land L. doesn't want to fix anything on my apart. , I'm tired and I don't know to pay or not my coming rent”

  1. Landlord Says:

    You will be evicted if you take him to court, not "live for free".

    What his obligations to you are really depends on what you are asking him to fix. If you broke it or it is a household cleaning issue then it is up to you to fix. If it is the structure, the roof, the incoming plumbing, etc then it is his.

    If it is damage, and it sounds like he thinks it is, it is YOU who need to repair it. He will bill you if he does.

  2. all_american_gal34 Says:

    You have all rights not to give him the money but you just can not live there for free either. If he refuses to fix the things that needs to be done and it is his responsibility then what you need to do is go to your bank and put the rent money in an escrow account. If you do not do this then he has the right to kick you out and there isn’t anything you can do about it. If he wants to know about his money tell him you put it in escrow and you can pull it out and pay him the rent as soon as he takes care of his responsibilities. Then if he still refuses to do the repairs and kicks you out he will have to give you 30 days to move then that is when i would take him to small claims court.