My land lords went crazy when I gave my 30day California?

The situation: I rent a room along with 2 other girls at a house where the land lords do not live. We had agreed to pay 300 a month. They continued to move not one but two family members in one of which has been in and out of prison.

We already had issues due to the fact they would enter our rooms if we did not have our door locked to use the joining bathroom between my and one of the other girls room. The owners are also running a business of used crap/furniture out of the yard "cash only",but the stuff is everywhere. They are always over and drink our coffee and eat our food. They sit around in the living room on and off all day.

Today they said they have the right to move people in and be in the house at any time because they "only rented rooms" as per our month to month lease. We are all in our 20’s and have learned our lesson about renting from crazy people to say the least.

We found another place we are moving into together we are renting a house not individual rooms. We gave our 30 day and they flipped they took the shower curtain out of our bathroom (it was with the room we rented) and continued to move two more people in the living room one adult one kid. When we got home tonight the gentalman from prision was told he had to move to the living room (which sucks cuz he is "retired" and a good person now. we did not have too much of an issue after we got to know him and then they kept moving people in I know it sounds bizarre and it is long story he is looking for a place but knows that its gonna be hard even if he has money and is paying rent now). he has to go threw our room to use the bathroom.

can we do any thing to keep them away from the house for the next 30 days.
Thank you and I do have an X I can stay with for a few weeks may piss of there room mate but we could lower there rent and again there month to month lease is for a "room only". That sucks for the room mate but I have learned never "room only" again.

5 Responses to “My land lords went crazy when I gave my 30day California?”

  1. kitty Says:

    under these circumstances, no you can’t. is there any way you guys can find a room even if you all have to share one room somewhere else and just rent it for 30 days to get away? even if you called the police over them eating your food and stuff you would make stuff worse for you. i have been in wierd living situations a few times similar to what you describe and there is no way when you are in someone else’s house that you can get them to change. you have to leave and get out. do you know any responsible adults you can tell this story to who might have some good advise? like at church or at work, school, parent’s of a friend, relative, etc. Anyone? you need to get out and now. but don’t be afraid. i don’t think they are looking to hurt you. they are just being inconsiderate.

  2. Gaytheist Buddha Says:

    That sounds like living hell. Most cities have a tenant-landlord dispute resolution service. Call your city councilperson for a referral.

  3. towanda Says:

    I didn’t read it all but you get what you pay for. Next time ask a lot of questions before you move in. . .At least you will have something to laugh about later on in life. . .

  4. ☼AstrologerJuliAnne☼ Says:

    Holy crap, what a freaking mess you have gotten into! Sheesh.

    Get out of there ASAP. This is such a crazy living situation, and your things may be stolen or damaged if they are mad at you now.

    I can’t even wrap my head around how you are living.

  5. cookinkvn Says:

    WOW! These landlords sound like absolute loons. I think you are definitely doing the right thing by moving out of there. If the three of you get along, then getting a house together is a giant step up from this situation.
    The kicker is that as they are losing the rent that the three of you were paying, these family members that they moved in probably cannot pay any rent at all.
    It sounds like they were deliberately taking advantage of you and were hoping that the three of you didn’t know any better. I don’t think there is anything you can do at this point to keep them away from the house. Just do what you can to protect yourselves and get out there when you can.
    Good luck.