my skin is peeliing off, after using petroleum jelly for a week, can i continue using it ? or stop using it?

Is it safe to use petroleum jelly on a daily basis ? My skin is generally dry on my hands and legs, can i use this jelly daily, will it help?

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  1. Alex Says:

    It depends on what other ingredients are in the jelly, but in general, you should be fine. You CAN use it everyday, it shouldn’t matter. If your skin continues peeling after another week, or you develop a rash, you should stop using it and switch to a non-petroleum based product.

  2. ski_jump_kaa Says:

    you should stop using it, you’re probably allergic

  3. J Says:

    petroleum jelly gives you cancer.

  4. ♥ bReEaNn o_O Says:

    all it does is remove the dead skin and thats whats happening. if u dont want your skin to peal than dont use it.

  5. Dash Says:

    petroleum jelly works well to keep moisture in– but also keeps it out. I wouldn’t use it especially directly onto dry skin. I would maybe put it on skin that is moisturized to keep the moisture in but i still wouldn’t use it.

    its basically just a barrier against the outside environment so moisture can’t get in or out.

  6. Turd That Won't Flush Says:


  7. aju051000 Says:

    well if ur skin is dry then ur skin is probably just shedding the dry skin
    i used to have horrible dry skin and wen i put petroleum jelly on it, it shedded a little and all of a sudden i had smooth skin

  8. Siobhan Says:

    Petroleum jelly is nasty stuff, for both you and the environment. Bin the stuff and get a good quality mosturiser that has as few chemicals as possible or is organic.

    Petroleum jelly coats the skin like plastic so it can’t breathe, it also slows down the skin’s natural functions and skin development which can result in premature ageing,It is also thought to be a carcinogen(cancer-causing)! Plus it’s banned in the European Union, which just proves how bad it is.

  9. adoria Says:

    stop using it immediately!