Nancy Pelosi says Bush caused high gas prices. Why is she opposed to more oil supply through drilling?

Either she’s dumb as dirt or she’s coddling people who are dumber than dirt. Which is it?

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  1. John W Says:


    Let’s look at the oil problem aside from political parties.Supply and demand cause prices to surge.So how do you fix the problem?Increase the supply.How does you increase the supply?Drill for more.Well we have a massive supply underneath us so why don’t we use it?

    Common sense = Conservative

    Lets get back congress and keep the white house for a better America in ’08

  2. Allahu (swt) Alim Says:

    Why cant it be both?

  3. Julian Says:

    More oil supply in a decade? Mmmkay.

    Let me ask you this — why is it that Big Oil is sitting on 70% of the land they currently have bids on to drill? Why aren’t they drilling? Why is it that when OPEC increased supply recently the price continued to go up?

    Let me answer this for you. Supply is not the problem, if it were the problem, we would have gas lines at the pump or we’d see the price of gas/oil change as supply/demand changes — but it hasn’t. It’s called a weak dollar. It’s called a deregulated speculation market.

    Do this — find 3economists that say drilling offshore will decrease the price. We own 2% of the world’s oil, that is a drop in the bucket and will not change the price of gas if we sucked it all up tomorrow. Fix the dollar, close the ‘enron loophole’ and stop threatening to bomb oil rich nations — that’ll drop the price of oil/gas.

  4. rage_against_the_mccain2 Says:

    When did she say that?

    Show me.

  5. m185 Says:

    She’s a goof…what kind of people keep electing her? She’s not even from Massachusetts!

  6. Joe S Says:

    Free Clue for You: Speaking of being dumber than dirt, you obviously don’t realize that 62% of the wells being drilled in the world today are being drilled in the USA with NO effect on prices.

    So much for you and your ignorant lies and stories.

    LOL! Cons HATE facts and logic! ROFL!

  7. chappye7 Says:

    She’s dumb as dirt, and she too profits from Oil.

  8. subwlimnuflik Says:

    President Bush could have lifted the ban in 2005 when there was still a Republican majority in congress. Doing it now is just a political ploy so he can blame this on the Democrats too.

  9. K7 Says:

    Nancy Pelosi is the crazy lady no one wants for a neighbor!

    Either she’s dumb as dirt or she’s coddling people who are dumber than dirt. Which is it?:

    "ADDED" "President Bush could have lifted the ban in 2005 when there was still a Republican majority in congress."
    Believe me the true Conservatives are just as disappointed in Bush as you are but he is a billion times better than Al Gore!

  10. jamie s Says:

    I believe she thinks that it won’t help gas prices.. Probably believes that it also will just put progress "on hold" as far as producing alternatives.. In a way, if you believe "speculators" are in charge of the prices.. The war in Iraq could have a very major part in the price increase.. As well as tensions with Iran.. I don’t think it’s farfetched to put some blame on the Bush policies..

    To add = Remember.. Mccain is the sole reason we are not drilling in ANWR right now.. Republicans seem to ignore that fact often… It was HIS vote…

    Edit: John W below me.. Supply and demand is not the problem here. Apparantly there is far a supply.. It’s in agreeance that it is speculators causing the rise.. Not a supply issue…

  11. lisalau Says:

    i want to say that nancy pelosi is an idiot, but yeah bring on the thumbs down

  12. curious Says:

    Why Republicans are against immidiate oil supplies from reserves ? Those stupid repugs think that drilling will immiately provide more oil , they are dumbest peopole in world.

  13. peterocks42 Says:

    Because the liberals want us to suffer, stupid!!! I mean if they cant screw up our lives they ain’t happy….. Congresses approval rate is,I’m sorry what? 9%?? Wow there doing alot huh?

  14. Vernon C Says:

    She is a Democrate,and you can be sure that is by some chance obama were to win, she will be screaming to have us drill. Democrats want credit for success.Look at what Clinton did, Nafta caused us to lose our ability to compete, and jobs are now extinct.

  15. ervin_parker Says:

    Because we can’t drill our way out of this crisis. Either Republicans are dumb as a glass of cold urine or they just don’t get the message that it’s time we massively invest in new technologies and new fuels.

    Why do Republicans want to transfer the bulk of America’s wealth to other countries? Do they hate America? Do they want America to be poor?

  16. moonraze2000 Says:

    because she is controlled by the epa and the left wing liberals. if we could,ve drilled 7, 10 or 20 years ago, we wouldn,t be having this discussion. bush who i,m no fan of opened the outer continental shelf and just the mere thought of america finding its own oil scared opec and oil came down 16 dollars in 3 days. i,m not bush, pelosi or any other washington politician who gets there suvs and limousines filled at our expense. i like you have to fill my own car with my own hard earned money. we need oil, nuclear, wind and solar together, period.

  17. Dan H Says:

    She’s not opposed to more oil supply through drilling.

    She’s opposed to opening more land to drilling before the oil companies drill on the land they are already leasing, but not using.

  18. Question This Says:

    Hmmm….maybe because Exxon-Mobil already owns 65 million acres of offshore property in the Gulf of Mexico that they haven’t even tried drilling yet?

    Drilling in ANWR would not make the slightest difference in prices. Supply is not our problem. It’s that our dollar is getting weaker, while our wages stay stagnant.

    We cannot drill our way out of this problem. Why are cons too short-sighted and shallow to see that?

  19. MARK B Says:

    Pelosi’s position is to first use a minimum of 10% of the Strategic Oil Reserves, which are full virtually to the brim AND a huge supply source which, if used to go into the ‘market’, would tend to lower gas prices with the addition of that oil to the market – IMMEDIATELY !!

    Then, with the price lower, the ‘reserves’ are topped up again with cheaper oil, and the process is done again – makes perfect sense. She stated this on CNN with Wolf Blitzer and made no bones about it.

    She has stated emphatically that there are countless places in the USA, even offshore, that are not protected areas and that the companies that have the leases to these areas "should use them(drill for oil asap) or lose them".

    The ‘ploy’ by these corporations is obviously that if they DO drill where they’re allowed and already have the potential to do so, would have the effect of lowering the price of ‘crude’ much sooner than the greedy b******s would like it to happen !!

  20. Jason H Says:

    If Clinton wouldn’t have vetoed the republican attempt to open the continental shelf to oil drilling in the 90’s we would be using that oil already and probably be pretty close to oil independence! Democrats aren’t looking good at all on this issue.. They are coming up with so many excuses why we shouldn’t, but deep down they know we should already be doing it!

  21. G-Man Says:

    Simple, she is as Dems do the best playing politics with the future of the country at stake.

  22. margaret h Says:

    Pelosi opposes it because the entire Democratic platform for this election is built on "alternative energy" and they have committed to that losing proposition. They can’t change their policy now even though the American people have changed and the facts have changed.

    When Bush lifted the presidential order on offshore drilling the price of oil began to drop.
    $15 a barrel this week alone.
    If Congress lifts their ban, it would drop at least that much and probably TWICE that much PROVING the Democrats to be WRONG.
    Bush could not have done it sooner because this depends on States also approving drilling off their own shores and until now, they were unwilling. Now they are in board.
    The only thing blocking this is the PARTISAN political game that the Democrats are playing.
    The price at the pump will take a little while to catch up and we are in the high gas price season now – prices always are highest in the summer months – so we’ll see relief in the Fall, just in time for the election – to PROVE the Democrats WRONG.

    The price of gasoline has DOUBLED since the Democrats gained the majority in Congress because OPEC knows they can screw us around.
    The Democrats will do NOTHING productive.
    All they will do is RUN their MOUTHS
    because they do NOT KNOW how to RUN the COUNTRY.

  23. ProudAmerican Says:

    It’s both. She deserves a senate seat like Elvis deserved his black belt. Like most liberal leaders, they know that their followers are not of the higher intelligence, so they can say anything and Democrat voters will believe them.