Natural gas safety?

Because of high electricity price, more and more people are considering switching to natural gas as heating resources, especially in midwest area. But I have read/watched numerous accidents involving natural gas that caused explosion in both residential and business properties, and fatal death in spite of detailed safety installment procedures followed by the gas companies.

Sure, electricity can cause harm as well, but not as fatal as gas explosion where it does not give people chance to run away. Once the explosion happens, the owner can instantly die.(no chance/time to get out). Electricity usually causes sparks and fires first, and these can give instant warning to the owner to get out of the property.

Monoxide detector has no use either if undetected gas accumulates on the floor, and once the gas mixes with Oxygen(?), it explodes.

So, do you think it is best just to stick with electricity as heating resources even though its price has been skyrocketing?

2 Responses to “Natural gas safety?”

  1. silver deer Says:

    I recently had a friend that lost his wife, possessions, home, and cars due to a natural gas explosion in their home. I understand they thought they had a leak, but had someone come out to identify the source, but couldn’t find the leak. The blast started a fiery inferno which destroyed everything, even melting cars, computer, and safe. The blast was so severe that it rocked the community, and blew windows and doors out in the farmyard. The inferno was noted 20 miles away-large columns of smoke. Fortunately my friend was far enough away from the house working on farm equipment that he didn’t get hurt. This is a true story, and probably The Des Moines Register had an article on this tragedy-believe it was April or May of this year. They traced the gas leak coming underground from a cracked gas line outside the basement wall by the footings and followed the drain tile into the basement drain. These are well respected farmers(the best) and try very hard to keep things in good repair.

  2. luckyaz128 Says:

    Modern gas devices are just as safe as their electric cousins. And more house fires (and deaths) are caused by electrical shorts and fires than gas explosions.