Need a research paper topic on petroleum engineering?

I am clueless on what topic to choose. I’ve been trying to find one that will not go over my head but simply can’t. I wanted to do something on shale oil but it’s way to complicated for me. All i can find are topics that are too advanced for me. I’m just started petroleum eng. and i don’t have the knowledge to adequately write about these advance topics. Any suggestions?

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  1. Clairecross Broad Says:

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  2. Fred Says:

    What about the brown stripe the goes down the middle of a concrete road? The oil that leaks from cars engines and transmissions. Is any of that oil recoverable? Take a block of concrete drip some oil on it see what you can recover with soap and water. Figure out a way to access the amount of oil recoverable, how badly it is decomposed by weathering, what it might be used for.

    Or sumps of engine degreasers. Or restaurant grease traps. Or sewage treatment next to meat packing plant. Or just a method to sort old oil, from other chemicals and paint brought into a recycle center. Or oil drained from old cars just before they crushed.

  3. Sulaimon Oloke Says:

    I am a postgraduate Student currently undertaking a masters programme in Chemical Engineering. I like to do my research project in petroleum related area hence I need a topic in this regard.