need some info on what i can do to trespassers?

i cut fire wood off of a guys land that i know we keep having people coming on his land riding 4 wheels he told me if i caught any one on it tell them that they are trespassing well i did but they keep coming back and doing it right in front of me they live next door to me his land boards my land and there land boards his but they cut a whole in the fence to get threw i have a gate in my back yard to get threw is there any thing i can do sense the land owner gave me the ok to kick them off of his land

can i fix the fence and if they cut it again than can i do anything

4 Responses to “need some info on what i can do to trespassers?”

  1. curious me Says:

    Smartest answer is to check with local authorities in charge of law and order, ie police, sheriff, whoever is in charge.
    Don’t know where you live, but there are laws against vigilantes.
    Good luck.

  2. drdarby Says:

    Could you call the authorities about the matter? Hopefully it doesn’t get as far as making threats, but make sure you put up no trespassing signs and warn them first… actually, if something happens and the authorities have on record that you have had this problem in the past, then they may be more likely to take your side if something did happen… because you tried to go through the right channels.

  3. ranger_co_1_75 Says:

    No, not really, you are a guest on the neighbors land. All you can do is tell the land owner and if he wants to pursue the matter, he can file trespass charges against them.

  4. gd Says: