Neighbors are blocking over half of walkway with crap. Firehazard? Illegal?

Ok so I live in a small 10 unit apartment complex, upstairs. These people moved in to the apartment that is right at the top of the stairs. They have a HUGE wicker chair just right there in the walkway, followed by a camping chair, and a foot 1/2 tall planter. The walkway cannot be more than 4feet wide. The chairs take up more than half of the walkway. Bringing up groceries, my dogs, heavy boxes etc is such a bitch. I always snag my skirt on it too it makes me want to throw the chair downstairs.

Also, they are ALWAYS out there smoking, completely blocking the stairs so I have to use the other stairs, parallel to those. This is not right, i’m a smoker too but i’m not blocking up a public walkway, nor do I smoke as much as they do.

Anyway, is there anyone I can complain to OTHER than the land lady/owner? (I spoke to her about five times about it—nothing changed) I even wrote a note and told the people face to face if they could please move their stuff—nothing.

So now I don’t know what to do. It’s so annoying, and it is a freakin hazard being there. What should I do?

2 Responses to “Neighbors are blocking over half of walkway with crap. Firehazard? Illegal?”

  1. jimdotedu Says:

    Suggest you contact the local building code enforcement people. Blocking (or partially blocking an exit is illegal. Might result in a fine or warning for the owner. Suggest you take photographs to send with your complaint.

  2. southarkansas Says:

    you can try the local ordinance some people just don’t care sounds lie you have been nice about it-try the angle of fire code

    ps-shouldnt say this but you tried talking to them-watch their habits and let things disappear during the night amazing what can fit in a dumpster