Neighbours erecting fence which will block view of valley.?

The owner of a property below our house on a valley side is to erect a fence on ground llevel with our house. This fence will be 5 – 6 ft high and borders a footpath belonging to us and our neighbours. The fence will be approximately 8 metres from our back door. The land it is to be erected on has been unused and is growing rough for the past 9 yrs plus. The fence will significantly reduce our view of the valley and detract from any future sale of the property.
Have we any rights to have the height of the fence reduced?
Or any other rights regarding this erection?

4 Responses to “Neighbours erecting fence which will block view of valley.?”

  1. sovereign_carrie Says:

    The problem is, it’s their property. Your best course of action is to research local city or county permitting to see if they got a permit for this. Are they doing it themselves, or are they having an installer do it? If they are having an installer do it, most likely there will be very little, if anything, you can do, as they (the installers) SHOULD be following all local laws, statutes and codes, and they SHOULD have all of the proper permits, engineering and licensing.

  2. peaches Says:

    I would check with your town or local government on what are the restriction to putting up a fence or other structures. I am sure that they have some guidelines when it comes to issues like that.

  3. riversofmydreams Says:

    take pictures and go 2 town hall (city hall) and ask them..

  4. pogostc Says:

    Think about this before you start your pity party. This is your neighbor’s yard, not yours. You said it has been growing rough for the past 9 yrs, so now you have neighbors cleaning it up. They are putting up a privacy fence in their own yard to stop people like you from peeking in. Respect their rights of home ownership, it isn’t just about you, this is their land not yours. Shut up unless you’re willing to let your neighbors dictate how your handle your property. I’m sure you’d complain regardless of what they do or don’t do. If they own it why in god’s name would they need your permission? Do you ask them if it is OK before you do anything? People, stop being so damn pathetic. You will complain about the government seizing property, yet what you are doing is the same. You are dictating to another group what they can do with something they own. If you don’t get your way, you will go and find somebody who will help you get your way.