My money is on him letting the prices go haywire while he tries to turn Government Motors into a company that would make the failed nationalized corporations of the Soviet Union look profitable.

13 Responses to “Now that gas PRICES are RISING will Obama KEEP his CAMPAIGN PROMISE ABOUT INCREASING OIL DRILLING in America?”

  1. Quagmire Says:

    Nope, It goes in the " I had to lie to get elected bucket" It has company though. Change, no lobbyists, and lower taxes are also there.

  2. Diane W Says:

    NO, he is a farce.

  3. harry g Says:

    the only campaign promise he has kept or will keep is the one to his wife

  4. Douglas C Says:

    I hate the left and right here. Im going to start my own country, and you arent invited.

  5. Anthony W Says:

    You forget that "The Mistake" said during the campaign that "it isn’t that gas prices are to high it’s just that they went up too fast. He isn’t smart enough to allow domestic drilling, no liberal is.

  6. Maria Says:


    Sorry but I really have to shit

  7. joecool123_us Says:

    Gas prices are rising because the recession has reduced demand on oil, and because of lowered demand OPEC has restricted the amount that they are selling to drive up prices. Their reservoirs are running over.

    Reducing price has nothing to do with extracting more oil, and everything to do with diversifying our energy portfolio so that we are not held at the mercy of a monopoly.

  8. Pablo Says:

    The joke is on us because the prices are not a reflection of the cost of fuel (Barrel Price) or demand it all about fear and the companies have raised prices for profits and if you look at the last price increases they were record profits for big oil.The question is will regulation come from Government because that is the only way to control greed. Sorry

  9. taking a dirt nap Says:

    Yea sure.

  10. patchouli4279 Says:

    Ha democrats are hypocritical on this issue. That’s why they dance around it.

    The fact is that for the time being we do need oil and China is consuming more and more everyday. So we must get more oil and explore alternative sources. Not one or the other. BOTH.

    So we have two choices. Drill here where we have safety, environmental, and labor standards or get oil from places in the world where the people have no rights and are used for their cheap labor.

  11. Why is Obama a liar? Says:

    Thank your Democrats neighbor, we have had a year of lower prices in which to drill but noooo , gotta cap that carbon. I hope I see a democrat at the gas pump so I can laugh mu a$$ off at em :)

  12. Jesus was a Liberal Says:

    The higher prices go, the faster technology moves in the area of alternative fuels. Let the price go through the roof!

  13. PrivacyNowPlease! Says:

    Earlier today someone said Exxon has begun drilling in Alaska just recently.

    Exxon begins drilling at Point Thomson in Alaska (AP)
    Yahoo! News – Submitted: May 10, 2009 AP – Exxon Mobil says it has begun drilling at Alaska’s Point Thomson oil and gas field. ยป Full Story on Yahoo! News

    "Exxon to drill on two leases after the company said it would start production within five years."

    You see the Oil Producers had been sitting on 68 million acres they could have been drilling on all along. It wasn’t until they were threatened that their leases were going to be cancelled that they finally got off their @$$ and started to drill. They were holding off hoping to get even more land to NOT drill on but McCain was not elected as they had hoped. Now they either drill on land they already have leased or lose the leases. Still 5 years is a long time to wait. Meanwhile the sooner we develop alternative energy the better.
    Bush, Democrats bicker over soaring energy prices – Yahoo! News
    "Democrats say they are for drilling, but argue that oil companies aren’t going after the oil where they already have leases. So why open new, protected areas? they ask. Democrats say there are 68 million acres of federal land and waters where oil and gas companies hold leases, but aren’t producing oil."