obama and the price of oil and gas?

Fuel is over .00 GAL and a barrel of oil is going to 0.00 why is obama stopping the drilling in America so we have to buy more oil from (as the progressives put it) people that do not like us??

Why is the media not going after obama like they did with GW???

And what do you think of the EPA (once again obama) pulling the permits for coal mining in WV putting thousands of people out of work and definitely making the price of energy to sky rocket??

I thought obama wanted to crate jobs not get rid of them.

LINK for coal permit being pulled:::: http://conservative-outlooks.com/2011/01/15/epa-stunner-pulls-permit-for-major-already-in-use-coal-mine-in-wva/

8 Responses to “obama and the price of oil and gas?”

  1. Crazycuddles Says:

    Steve your profile picture is freaking me out….lol

  2. Climbing Up the Walls Says:

    We buy the vast majority of our imported oil form Canada and then Mexico, I think they like us.

  3. Dr. Zaius Says:

    I imagine the mining permit thing has to do with certain companies that continue to jeapardize their workers due to lax safety standards. This isn’t china you know, where dozens and dozens of coal miners get crushed, or blown to bits every week.

  4. Ambush Predator Says:

    We should be putting time, money and research into alternative fuel sources anyway. Coal? Oil? This isn’t the 1800s, believe it or not.

  5. Billy Blaze Says:

    So you think that corporations that have a proven track record of destroying the environment and killing their own employees should be allowed to keep doing those things. Interesting.

    It’s telling that the same know-nothing conservatives who fought fuel efficiency standards tooth-and-nail for decades are now complaining that the price of fuel is too high. What did those geniuses think would happen? Aren’t they the ones who pretend to understand and love the markets so much?

  6. Joey Says:

    The main stream media is in bed with Obama. They protect him.
    Obama wants the price of oil to go up so he can fund his programs that hurt the middle class.

  7. Sarah J Says:

    Obama is not stopping oil drilling in America, we are drilling here in America on a massive scale. In fact, we are the world’s 3rd largest producer.

    The idea that we don’t drill on American soil is a conservative myth.

  8. Paul Grass™℠ Says:

    0bama’s energy polices have destroyed jobs not created them it is causing run away inflation, however since energy and food prices are not included in the governments inflation analysis, they down play it. Drill baby drill and mine baby mine is what we need now