Obama bans offshore drilling in Atlantic, is he trying to destroy the economy even further?


"The administration is sending a message to America’s oil and gas industry: take your capital, technology and jobs somewhere else," said Karen Harbert, president and CEO of the Chamber of Commerce’s Institute for 21st Century Energy.

11 Responses to “Obama bans offshore drilling in Atlantic, is he trying to destroy the economy even further?”

  1. lrd00a Says:

    Yes, 0bama is turning America into a post-apocolyptic Mad-Max hellhole.

  2. Law Man says let the FACTS rule Says:

    No. The economy was destroyed under Bush’s watch.

  3. n Says:

    We need to keep all the oil in the Iraq

  4. Amanda K Says:

    Read Obama’s books. He states that the public sector is the enemy.

  5. Romac Says:


  6. THE KEYMAN Says:

    YES HE IS !

  7. Barefoottrimmer Says:

    Are you just figuring this out now?????

  8. Jamie Says:

    yes he is
    he also has banned 1 million rifles from this country
    what a surprise..

  9. Freedom Is Not Free Says:

    Where are a vast majority of new oil deposits? Aren’t they in the Caribbean near Cuba just off the Florida coast? Let’s drill there, first. We need to beat China to the area.

  10. snowflake Says:

    Yes, that is exactly what he is doing. He sent money to Venezuela for off shore drilling. So it is not off shore drilling that he objects to, it is the U.S. off shore drilling that he is against. He wants to destroy the U.S. and replace it with a socialist form of government. I wish he had never been elected. As far as I am concerned he is a traitor to America. Now we have to try to undo as much damage as we can. I fear that we were apathetic too long and it is now too late to restore the democratic republic we once had.

  11. Bernard Lafayette Says:

    Obama administration has killed the American dream for all Americans. Public aids to social security, housing, transportation, grant to business etc have been cut or eliminated while military expenditures are maintained or increasing. Rich and poor people are deprived of vital resources to better their lives. US has a lot of resources but this administration functions as if this country is poor or impecunious. People in other countries such as Libya, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Germany etc are living better than Americans who become increasingly unemployed or poor. Offshore drilling will pump much oil on the market making oil price to decrease and this fact will boost business and create jobs but the administration has banned oil drilling. During the next two years until the presidential election, American will still live in poverty and in dearth of resources hence we are urging all Americans to vote for republicans who will restore the American dream for hard working people men and woman including the young people