Obama bans oil drilling in the Gulf…is this the BOW to the Saudis from Barack Hussein that never ends?

The Associated Press reported Thursday that it obtained an email from the Minerals Management Services’ Gulf Coast offices that said the offshore drilling moratorium now includes new shallow-water drilling in the Gulf. A spokesperson for Interior Secretary Ken Salazar denied the claim.

Landry said increasing the moratorium’s scope to shallow-water drilling will have dire consequences.

“If they would do that, then it would basically be like pulling Louisiana and Texas’ economy off of life support,” Landry said. “When he takes the … Outer Continental Shelf drilling away from us, he cripples our economy. If he increases the moratorium, he pulls the plug on our life support.”

Landry said the economy in the 3rd district, much of which is on Louisiana’s shoreline, relies on four things: agriculture, the commercial fishing industry, the oil and gas industry, and tourism.
I’m not against nuclear energy. I get cloned a lot on this site…

12 Responses to “Obama bans oil drilling in the Gulf…is this the BOW to the Saudis from Barack Hussein that never ends?”

  1. GaCowboy Says:

    Not to mention (and none of the geniuses here would ever) that failing to drill will lesson our national security. Not that we’re safe with this a$$ kissin’ admin. anyway.
    Think Iran.
    Think North and South Korea.
    Think our country being invaded from the south.
    Think obama throwing Israel, one of our staunchest allies, under the bus.
    Think of ALL the ones ole a$$ kisser bows down to.
    Think of terrorist all over and the ones sneaking in at will that want you DEAD!
    Feel safe? Well……you can always blame someone (hell, anyone, but the anointed one) else when (not if) it happens.

  2. Righteous Ingrate Says:

    Didn’t hear you say ANYTHING about the Saudis. So, I’m lost.

  3. Phil M Says:

    this is coming from the lady who is against nuclear energy plants because of an incident 30 YEARS AGO.

    As I said before, if Obama said "the sun is hot" you would argue.

    Why do we have "no fly lists" now? It was because of an incident wasn’t it? Should we get rid of the no fly lists? Its an undue burden on some people…

  4. Desdamona Says:

    Please understand that we are in trouble, big time. The Saudis have nothing to do with this, and I am no Obama fan,

  5. Chupate esa! Says:

    We just had the worst ecological disaster in US history, and republicans think the way to avoid this from happening is to do the same thing and expect a different result…

  6. Saxton_Castle Says:

    Question makes no sense
    What are you smoking

  7. Keepin' It Real Says:

    Well since the oil spill has killed the other 3 industries listed, I guess it’s all they got. Maybe Barack Hussein should give the King a big wet kiss like the presidents who preceded him did… what an original and thought provoking question, no wonder you’re a top contributor

  8. Henry Says:

    No, it’s because of an ecological disaster that’s ruining ecosystems. It’s also killing the fish, which, as you said already, are a huge part of Louisiana’s economy.

  9. Banker Says:

    you thoughts are exactly right, I think you mean Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, that is the person I saw speaking. She may have just won her re-election by coming out so strongly for drilling, the jobs and life style of the Gulf Coast. In her news conference, she appeared to make an honest, heartfelt plea for the industry that supports a great portion of the State of Louisiana.

  10. avomatic Says:

    That depends, if you care so much for the president’s dignity, then practice conservation and encourage your friends to do the same, it is the best way not to depend on Saudi oil.

  11. dartagnon p Says:

    The Saudis have all but drained their entire fields many years ago so I doubt he is bowing to the Saudis but I would not rule out Brazil. Yes, Brazil ordered 3 drilling rig/refineries and 15 new Oil Tankers back in 2007 that are due to be delivered to them this year. These new rigs are capable of supplying the ENTIRE world’s demand for oil with just TWO rigs but the President of Brazil, who also controls Petrobras Oil, wants to make sure that his country becomes the New World Superpower for Oil. The reserves off the western coast of Brazil are enough to satisfy world demand for about 100 years. And then you take the HUGE oil find off the Eastern Coast of China and you can take them out of the world bidding pool for oil. According to Supply and Demand this should cause oil prices to plunge in the near future unless another "catastrophe" is allowed to occur, AND if the current oil spill does not kill of 90% of the population as projected at this time.

    Right now the USA is working hard to complete the natural gas pipeline that will supply power company generators in the future and take demand off of oil a bit. The oil companies would also like to thrive so if they cannot drill in the Gulf they will explore the Bakken Oil Deposits that cover 25,000 sq miles in South Dakota and 350,000 sq miles of natural gas in the Midwest and the Rockies. We are sitting on more oil than anywhere else in the world and it is all in the land and we don’t need to drill off of any coast or Gulf. Once Brazil gets their rigs installed and up and running we will also be able to buy cheap oil from them and save our reserves for when the entire world runs out and is willing to pay us $17 / gallon at last estimate. But the World is not stupid either so before that happens there will be alternate power means available to all and those who were greedy and withheld oil from the world will be sitting there with nothing to show for it financially. That’s just the way GREED is rewarded.

    The moral is to not listen to Republicans like McCain who may KNOW the truth but are hard-pressed to actually speak it … in their attempt to spread fear and hate for our competition around the globe.

    Whether Landry is right or just pressing the FEAR BUTTON it doesn’t matter since Obama is merely a figure head of the Ruling Families who run everything by controlling their puppets. Obama is no more in control than WE are … its not like OUR votes elected Obama but rather the will of the Ruling Families. Controlling elections nowadays is child’s play.

    Landry had better HOPE the Gulf is closed to oil drilling and exploration since the commercial fishing industry feeds a LOt of people whereas the oil industry only feeds the Fat Cats. The oil rigs in the Gulf are already killing the fishing industry and tourism and threatening agriculture so why would you want to help the oil industry destroy 90% of the income in Louisiana and Texas? Me thinks you might be a Republican with that kind of logic. Am I wrong?

    I AM

  12. Phyliss Soderblom Says:

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