Obama is right, if we start drilling for oil now, we won't see that oil in the market for 22 years, agree?

Its stupid drilling for oil in the U.S. and off shore
Its good that gas prices are high cause it forces people to conserve and use less and that decreases global warming.
I am against any new drilling and I will personally fight against it

10 Responses to “Obama is right, if we start drilling for oil now, we won't see that oil in the market for 22 years, agree?”

  1. Lindyloo Says:

    yes you are 100% correct. I totally agree

  2. lukky Says:

    Man you democrats sure are easy to control…you hear it on the tv so it must be true….run along and follow the flock.

  3. LSU_Tiger23 Says:

    Yeah, I agree it’s better to rely in foreign countries to provide oil to the US. Awesome idea.

  4. Compressorstall Says:

    If 22 years ago we started drilling we wouldn’t be in the mess were in now. Its like not going to college because it will be 5 years before you benefit from it. Besides some of the oil will be on line in under 3 years but don’t let facts get in your way.

  5. ronnny Says:

    not at all. It might take a couple years. So you are one of those that would rather send all this money people are paying for oil and gas to other countries instead of keeping it her? Some of the same people i guess that is running most of the industry out of the US because of epa regulations and labor laws. Something happens at a company and it cost them so much they can not stay in business. No wonder companies would rather go to another country and not have to put up with this. Then you wonder why the unemployement rate is up. Between letting all the illegals stay and laws running business out of the country no wonder graduating school kids can not get a decent job even after a little collage. People like you did this.


  6. dolphinsfan913 Says:

    Global warming doesn’t exist, and it won’t appear on the market for another 22 years is an absolute lie, maybe 5 years.

  7. don r Says:

    Assuming it takes 22 years to find a good well, that could be true. Many productive wells in the US were shut in back in the 1980’s because importing oil was cheaper. Those wells are still where they left them. Maybe the oil leaked away somewhere- flew off the planet while we weren’t looking. Who’s going to stick his head down there to see?

    I would get the prospects straight with Geologists, not politicians. But, can you trust the guys who know, to tell the truth, or the story they’re paid to tell? Follow the money.
    Obama can only repeat what his best sources provide as information.

  8. glmoore24 Says:

    A trailer doesn"t cost much to heat and cool I’m told. You and the other folks in the park could get together and dry clothes using hot air

  9. gomanyes Says:

    Yes, that’s basically true. I don’t know if it’s 22 years, but that sounds about right to me.

    Besides, the amount of new oil it would produce is so small it isn’t going to impact the price.

  10. Pedro S Says:

    22 years…wacko… 3 years and oil is flowing in volume…and even if it took 22 years we need to drill….i don’t know if you are being sarcastic or an idiot.