obama said it isn’t that gas/oil prices are so high that troubles Americans it is that prices rose too fast

Who agrees that / gallon for gas doesn’t trouble Americans?
(As though we’d be okay with paying that much in a few years.)

Personally, I think this statement is idiotic and out of touch with the American people.

For those of you that like to argue and want the link, here it is:

It’s the third media player down on the page, the one where fox news in interviewing the Govenor of Alaska about Alaska’s willingness to have more of their gas and oil reserves drilled to alleviate the high gas/ oil prices Americans are facing today.

12 Responses to “obama said it isn’t that gas/oil prices are so high that troubles Americans it is that prices rose too fast”

  1. Arabian * Armored. Caravan╬Ę 2 Says:

    All of the answers about "well it would cost this much eventually" or back in the 70’s it was high too are b.s.

    obama is out of touch with us if he thinks we ever want to pay $4 a gallon

  2. mister ss Says:

    the thing of it is you will get used to $4.00 a gal. gas just like we got used to $3.00 a gal. gas, they will get it up to about $5.00 a gal. and then come winter it will drop back to $4.00 and you will be happy.

  3. CIC Says:

    After salaries have had a chance to catch up with inflation, $4/gal gas won’t be such a shock.

    What was the (unadjusted) price of gas after the oil shocks of the 1970’s? $1.38?

  4. celly Says:

    One of his bigger $$ supports is coming from the ethanol producers..never mind that it cost 3 times as much to produce and depletes our food source. This is why he really doesn’t support off shore drilling or nuclear energy. I guess he envisions Americans driving to work on solar panels or windmills.

  5. bleuwra Says:

    Well it did go up too fast. Nothing idiotic about that. Also a BIG conicidence that all of this happened under the watch of the oil man, Bush.

  6. John Says:

    People didn’t mind 1.50 gas even though gas was 15 cents 40 years ago. If the increase had happened over several years or decades, the impact wouldn’t have been as huge.

  7. a_wood80 Says:

    $4 gas only bothers me because it reflects the US economy. Gas prices haven’t risen; the economy declined. Look at the price of gs in Europe three years ago versus the price of gas today.

    What really pisses me off is that the President and Congress are sitting there whining about gas prices instead of balancing the budget, which would improve the economy and drive oil prices back down.

    I would like to point out that oil has doubled in price since democrats took over the federal budget. I’m not saying it’s entirely their fault, but they have to take some of the blame.

  8. bobbilee Says:

    You couldn’t be more right if i said it!! bo is so out of touch with reality that he couldn’t find his way back with 50 road maps,marked.I am doing every single thing i can to save on gas and the growing food prices.We should not have to be forced to live this way.Thanks Dem’s.

  9. The Sh*t Says:

    Actually his statement was going a little overboard, but it is true to an extent. Look at it this way, when gas was .99 a gallon and it was raised to say, $1.10 (I know, we all have to think WAY to the late 90’s for this) everyone threw a fit. Then the powers that be lowered the price a few cents and everyone shut up. Then there was talk about raising prices again. Everyone screamed about paying $1.10 or $1.20. It was raised to like $1.30 (give or take). Everyone screamed about it. Then the powers that be lowered it to $1.20. Everyone shut up. They easily accepted $1.20. That was the goal all along. Fool people into openly and easily accepting skyrocketing gas prices. It went that way right up until the last couple of years. The difference is now, people are getting to the point where the absolutely can’t afford to pay the gas prices. People in Europe pay $6 a gallon, but in Europe everything is piled right up on top of everything else. The vast majority of people don’t have to drive more than 5-10miles to get ANYWHERE. Also in Europe public transportation is more readily available. In American everything is much more spread out. There are many more farm and rural areas. Many more people needing to drive an hour just to get to work. That means, when you start charging $4 for gas, people easily end up spending $100 a week or better for gas alone. So Obummer was right to a point, however thinking that Americans will pay ridiculously large amounts in gas…especially when it starts to get to $5, $6, or $7 dollars a gallon without any problems is ridiculous. Many Americans couldn’t afford gas at $3.50, many more can’t afford it at $4, and most won’t be able to afford it at $6 or $7. That won’t change with time. 5 years from now those who couldn’t afford it at $3.50 will still not be able to afford it at that price, etc. etc. etc.

  10. Layla Says:

    First off, I just want to say that it’s both factors that have got us in this jam. But I do agree with you…that four dollars will always be bad no matter what.

    But about something else…bear in mind, I am a strong McCain supporter, but I think your avatar picture sucks. I think it’s terrible and I also think it shows your total grip on unreality. Obama is not Muslim and I wish people would stop saying that. I really don’t want him to win, but I don’t resort to telling lies about him and insulting him either. He is an extremely intelligent, educated, articulate man and I’m not about to go blabbing about him and showing totally absurd, horrible pictures.

  11. Mercedes Says:

    This statement is idiotic and I think it shows how much Obama really truly cares about Americans economic woes.

  12. doglover Says:

    Another indication of how out of touch with reality that Obama seems to be. He is a smart fellow but he is terribly inexperienced and makes the stupidest mistakes. And he wants to be president? Replacing one moron with an inexperienced super-egotist.