Offshore drilling good idea or bad idea? Who supports it Obama or McCain?

John McCain has said he supports greatly expanded offshore exploration and drilling. Barack Obama has made statements, such as in the last debate, that he would “look at” offshore oil and gas exploration.

The ACT! for America Congressional Scorecard sheds light on the positions of the two candidates. In 2006, Senate Vote 219 passed with bi-partisan support.

This legislation would have allowed increased exploration and drilling for oil and natural gas in areas of the Gulf of Mexico.

John McCain voted FOR this legislation. Barack Obama voted AGAINST this legislation. Joe Biden, Barack Obama’s running mate, also voted AGAINST this legislation.

There is an old axiom that says “actions speak louder than words.”

15 Responses to “Offshore drilling good idea or bad idea? Who supports it Obama or McCain?”

  1. FairTaxAdvocate Says:

    good idea
    drill here
    drill now
    save money

    McCain Palin ’08

    NObama bin Biden

    “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need” (or needs) is a slogan popularized by Karl Marx

    “we need to spread the wealth around” is a slogan popularized by Karl Barack ObaMarx

  2. Jeff Smoker Says:

    Of course it’s a good idea. There are over 4,000 offshore rigs in the Gulf pumping oil as we speak.

    To the guy above me: It doesn’t help to drill on land where there is little oil. Now you know why.

  3. Antiliber Says:

    Good place to start getting away from Foriegn Oil dependancy …. McCain supports it

  4. Texas Democrat Says:

    bad idea…. McSame…..

  5. speckofdust Says:

    Both have said they support it, McCain more so than Obama probably.

    I think it a bad idea however. It’s just going to make global climate change more severe.

  6. Page1344 Says:

    I say it’s a bod idea. Too many things can go wrong environmentally.

  7. nothingconstant Says:

    Because they all know that investing more money into more oil infrastructure will hurt us even more in the long run… especially when you consider our outlandish oil usage as a nation.

    They just pander to the public.. simple as that.

  8. Newest Starr Says:

    yes im a proud supporter of Obama
    already voted for him

  9. Carpe diem Says:

    Big oil already has land and they aren’t using it.

  10. hiyalldr92 Says:

    the thing is… after 50 miles, you are not in US waters… but us companies cannot drill in the gulf at all. even china does! its a huge resource, and they are taking it right out from under our noses, because the tree huggers ( obama) are retarded and want to save a whale or two. if they want to save a whale, go to antarctica.

  11. Erich M Says:

    Both Senators Biden and Obama expressed a need for the oil companies to drill in the 22 million acres the oil companies already have leased, yet are still unexplored. Drilling off shore will not reduce prices as you may think as oil prices are set on a global market. If supply exceeds demand, any oil producing country can and will limit production to offset the difference. Why is this so hard to understand? What is wrong with creating new jobs, technologies, and businesses in renewable energy? Why must we stay on the old, petroleum based model? Silicon valley was a boon on the market! The same will happen for alternative, cleaner energy. You can still be capitalist and be green! It’s amazing stuff.

  12. froghugger Says:

    McCain was for it
    Obama was against it
    McCain was for it
    Obama was for it
    McCain was for it
    Obama was against it
    McCain was for it
    Obama was for it.
    McCain is for it.
    Not sure where Obama stands today.

  13. coolyourjets87 Says:

    Obama wants to solve the energy crisis problem while McCain wants to put a bandaid on it. we need new sources of energy and get off of our dependecne of oil. i think Obama said there was only an estimated 4% of oil reserves off the american coast and if thats true then McCains plan of showing these other countries that we have our own source is ridiculous.

  14. Blockhead Says:

    Currently both Obama and McCain support offshore drilling.
    McCain sees it as a fix to the energy problem.
    Obama sees it as a stopgap measure while other energy sources are developed.

  15. j2 Says:

    McCain has supported it for a few years Obama said he would consider it only after it became a political hot topic as the voting record has shown. Obama also said last year he would like to add a federal gas tax as much as $5 on top of the current price to ween people off of oil dependence. which means he wants everyone (common people) to ride the bus or bicycle.
    sure come up with viable energy alternatives but tell me what you plan on doing in the thirty to forty years it would take to completely change the infrastructure, remember it took 100 years to get to where we are there’s a reason gas is king no other energy gives the same punch pound for pound. at best bio Diesel from algae with is already under way with companies like Petrosun but that means everyone has to give up their gasoline car with ZERO resale and buy a Diesel car. Can you afford to do this? lets see go to the window and toss out $30,000.00 no so then you’ll be like everyone else and wait complain and slowly switch over and electric vehicles while there not expensive to convert nor very difficult the range is only 40 miles on a full charge with gentle acceleration. don’t believe the bs that’s all they have. super light and gentle acceleration give best range fast acceleration (Tesla) gives a range of 1 mile.