Oil Drilling and the Economy? :D?

Hey so I was wondering how coastline drilling for oil and natural gas will benefit the economy??

Can You please give me like a list or just a few ideas? THANK YOU. :)

6 Responses to “Oil Drilling and the Economy? :D?”

  1. Israel Says:

    So it sucks that the Oil Spill happened in the Gulf of Mexico recently. That’s when I give all the reason to environmentalists for their argument of not drilling.

    HOWEVER, it is so unbelievably necessary to drill off our coasts. We are giving way too much money to other countries for oil, when we have a lot of resources here. Gas prices would not be as expensive as they are now. When gas prices are lower, people would be more willing to travel, bringing more money to tourists sights, hastening the money flow in the economy, putting more people to work! That’s why it is really important for us to start drilling because it will give a great boost to out economy.

    FOR ALL THE ENVIRONMENTALISTS, instead of arguing for the president to not drill off our coasts, you should fight your asses off to get him to flow a crazy amount of money into research on a different solution to oil. When Kennedy was in office, he funded a crazy amount of money into the space exploration and we ended up as the first ones on the moon. We could potentially be the firsts one to come up with an alternative to oil, which will boost the economy EVEN MORE than drilling off shore!

  2. Joseph the Second Says:

    -All over the World, China is buying up all the new Oil Contracts- so it can supply its booming Economy with the Energy supply it needs. OUR drilling for oil along Our Coastlines- is an attempt to supply US with additional Oil- without "breaking the Bank" by challenging China’s attempts to get oil from everywhere ELSE !!! Because the MORE Demand there IS for the Stuff, -the HIGHER the price of Gas (& alot of OTHER things) will go… .. . :(

  3. blacksheep_hellishot Says:

    Neither drilling for crude oil or natural gas truly benefits the economy in general, there’s just too much damnable greed out there today.

    Fact, the amount of oil we get from the Gulf hardly makes an impact on those world oil prices…& if we were to examine a little more closely the outrageous criminally orchestrated price of natural gas one would come to the realization that it’ all about money & power & little else… not to help in any way shape or form the struggling to survive consumer out there…NO WAY

    Note: To throw a monkey wrench in this off shore drilling thus, giving the environmentalists the tools to destroy our economy further, this was a clever false flag operation perpetrated on that oil rig, that I have no doubt of whatsoever…

    Virtually, they’re lack of concern with this devastating economy destroying oil slick that followed the destruction of the rig, convinces me 100% of their guilt…

  4. Friar Timothy Says:

    We need to charge the same for a bushel of corn as they do for a barrel of oil ! problem solved !

  5. cosmicwindwalker Says:

    it is like the stock market – the economy bombs or raises based on a hand full and how they are doing.

    both are destroying us as a people and a country.

  6. Verapan Says:

    the economy in general, there’s just too much damnable greed out there today.