Oil & Gas Drilling company – Comprehensive question?

Hi all

I am in an advanced step of forming partnership in an oil and gas drilling company

1- how can i establish this company (papers – legal suff ) in Brazil and Venezuela.
2-if the company is already established ( Saudi Arabia) can i take Tenders from local governments? or i have to register a new forming company in these countries?

plus – if you know anything or you want to say , absolutely anyhing,,please do so.

Thank you

One Response to “Oil & Gas Drilling company – Comprehensive question?”

  1. Spock (rhp) Says:

    you need a good attorney in each country where the firm will do business. He’ll tell you how to get started in each country.

    you find this person through your existing attorney in the country where the firm is headquartered.

    as to an established KSA company — you make the deal with other countries in any way you can bargain it out with them. will they want a locally formed firm [subsidiary]? probably yes — lots easier to track the money for tax purposes.