Oil / Gas price reduction proposal?

On a daily basis we see the US government, willingly giving away billions of our hard earned tax dollars to countries and or organizations around the world. Why not give a little of our hard earned tax dollars to a worthy cause? Reduce public transportation fuel costs!

1st) Why not create a little contest of sorts? I suggest the Government setting aside say 50- 100 billion dollars for the first “American” company to design and produce (in the United States utilizing American labor) and put into production an automobile that will; seat at least 4 comfortably, get at a minimum of 100+ miles per unit of fuel. Be it gas, diesel, natural gas, hydrogen, electric, battery, water, magnetic propulsion, what ever they may develop. But, it must also be priced at the current standard mid-size car prices of today. Sorry, but there would be no second place prize.
2nd) 5 billion dollars for the first American company that would create and openly market a conversion kit that would allow “any” gas or diesel powered vehicle to at least double their current mileage. The price of such an item would also need to be priced at no more than 0-0 per unit.

I can see a few things happening.

1st We would see the spark in American ingenuity that first built this country, and later sent a man to the moon.

2nd We would see the Arabic countries increase oil production, in an effort to reduce the desire of America to find another form of fuel to reduce our consumption of their product. (This would increase supply, thus lowering prices.

3rd Once in production, we would see a shift from foreign auto purchases, back to American made vehicles.

4th We would not be reliant on a foreign entity for the fuel that propels our infrastructure.
Now that may take a little time to develop. In the mean time open up the Gulf of Mexico to “American” oil drilling. Open up Alaska to drilling. Open up the development of more nuclear electrical power plants. Open up more wind generation fields. They would need to be good neighbors to the environment, but they would need to tell the environmentalist “Either come up with a better way, or shut the hell up”

2 Responses to “Oil / Gas price reduction proposal?”

  1. PicoDirectory.com Says:

    It was a nice and read and I’m with you on this. However, you know the United States never plays with a full deck, nor are policy makers that creative. Simple put, our government does not want to help their-own.

  2. Sahara Says:

    I love that you are trying and being creative. That’s great.
    But a lot of that money that America gives to other nations is for Military bases (U.S.) around the world. The U.S. wants something like 73 or 76 military bases stationed in Iraq permanently. The U.S. isn’t just giving money away without receiving something in return.

    Why this isn’t covered by the media as it should be is beyond my comprehension. It seems pretty important to me. Do we really need all of these bases???