Oil prices down, gas prices stay the same?

I live in the Tampa Bay Area in Central Florida. Thanks to hurricane Ike last week, the gas stations decided to raise prices at least a quarter a gallon. Ike is gone and drilling has restarted these past few days yet even though oil has fallen to today, the prices at the pump have remained the same. Why?

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  1. Nana64 Says:

    Personally, I think that the States (i.e. Florida and California) who refuse to have off shore drilling to "protect their pristine beaches" should bear the brunt of any increases in gas prices, as a minimum double what the average price is elsewhere in the U.S. Perhaps this would encourage them to rethink their selfish stand. The environmental concerns that they espouse have been debunked time and time again.

    The current problem is distribution that has been interrupted with the hurricane in Texas. More drilling and more refineries are absolutely needed to alleviate our dependence on foreign oil and facilitate distribution when other sources are temporarily disrupted.

    BTW, I’m ready for the thumbs down!

  2. World War III Says:

    cause you keep buying it

    Stop Buying or Stop Crying

  3. Katie Says:

    Because the refineries in Houston are still not in operation (at least last I heard) and gas stations usually expect to have to pay more for their product so they actively charge people (sometimes gouging) the higher price so that they can purchase their next shipment… and when it goes down they can’t lower the price until after the "higher priced" product has been used and they have the lower priced product… that is why it takes so long for gas prices to come down even after oil goes down….. but the main thing is the refineries in Houston… they are not fully operational yet and you can’t just put straight oil into your car (I am sure you know that though) it has to be refined first into the gasoline products we put in our cars (though I am sure you know that too).

  4. firewomen Says:

    Isn’t it amazing the way gas prices skyrocket but then come down at a snal’s pace yet there is always someone to defend the oil companies.

  5. Aki F. Says:

    The refineries are up and running now, but it’s going to take a couple of days for the gas to get to certain parts of the US. I live in Georgia, and in my area, there is illegal price gouging going on, and gas is five dollars a gallon!

    The owner of the Shell gas stations and Circle K called his privately owned firms and said they could raise the gas to whatever price they wanted to.

    In my area, gas raised one whole dollar over the weekened.

  6. BlueMermaid Says:

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  7. Ashleigh Says:


    The store owners, mostly Americans, are the ones doing this to us. So, go, be patriotic, wave your American flag, and vote Republican.

    I managed a convenience store and when there was a hurricane comine, the store owner would call with "revised" gas prices…that they forced you to change. So, I know… it’s all American.