Oil prices rising, gas prices soaring, why does obama refuse to allow more drilling and more refineries?

How does refusing to utilize our own resources benefit our nation?

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  1. Tom Says:

    Obama stated his intention to drive energy prices to levels painful enough to limit consumption. There will be no effort made to reduce the price of energy in any form. Every effort will be made to tax anything related to energy. The carbon trading scheme is still alive and well. With Jeffrey Imelt at Barry’s side, the price of gas will hit $6. by Independence Day. The solution is getting Barry back to Chicago as quickly as possible. 2012 sure seems a long way off, doesn’t it ?

  2. SCARFACE Says:

    electricity prices will necessarily skyrocket

    same thing with oil

    Obama has an agenda

  3. Shovel Ready Says:

    obama is on the record saying he wants energy prices to skyrocket.

  4. Melissa Me Says:

    Where are you getting this information? You think my company is closing it’s refinery down because of Obama? NO. They’ve been trying to sell it off for about 6 years now, but nobody ever wants it. So, do you really think the demand is there? Or do you not know anything about the oil industry because you work at McDonalds?

  5. Chewy Ivan 2 Says:

    Obama isn’t refusing. Those who meet environmental and safety standards are allowed to drill.

  6. regerugged Says:

    Because he is an idiot.

  7. ndmagicman Says:

    Oil and gas exploration and drilling are going on at high levels. Many western states recording highest ever number of rigs and production. A new deep water permit was just issued for the Gulf that adds to the over 2,000 rigs already operating there.
    And as far as new refineries is concerned it is not a matter of Obama refusing to build any, it is a matter of the industry having no major expansion due for 2010, with the sole project if completed adding 25,000 b/d of capacity in 2010. The U.S. has suffered a drop in demand following the recession and now finds itself with a large amount of overcapacity. In the medium term, U.S. refinery projects are still planned with a focus on equipping refineries with the capability to handle increased bitumen supplies from ramped-up Canadian oil sands production.

  8. Sock Monkey Says:

    We haven’t built a refinery in this country in about 30 years thanks in part to the EPA.

  9. Mexican N Proud Says:


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  10. Steve M Says:

    He figures that if fuel is too expensive then we will all by the government motors clown car.

    He is hurting ALL Americans the poor even more, but not to worry he only has a year left. He will be voted out with this being an addition to why he lost.

    He is suck a mega FAILURE.

  11. Ozzy Botkins Says:

    High Gas Prices Makes Obama Smile

  12. Blackstroke Says:

    There’s no shortage of oil or gas. The market is fully supplied, there’s no reason to drill or build another refinery. The prices are skyrocketing because of investors pouring in hundreds of billions of dollars into oil. If you can get them to back off gas will go back to $1.00/gallon.