People who say using our own resources doesn't work, how come it's been working for Texas for years?

Texas, drills for oil, natural gas, and is the #1 producer of wind power in the country. Texas also has different laws than the rest of the country, because we used to be our own country. I think the rest of the country should research Texas, then make a judgement about Drilling. Like Texas, the rest of the country needs to do everything now!!! and get off foriegn dependency
Actullay it’s 4 million homes, and illegal aliens do not work on rigs. We have invested 15 billion in wind power by the time we are finished it will be closer to 10 million homes in all
We need to lift the drilling embargo, I’m so glad that other states are so superior to Texas, they can talk about how smart they are while waiting in the unemployment line
Actually I filled up yesterday and it was .63,
My stupid backwards Texan Husband is an Engineer, and actually works on these new wind turbines.
hey correct, remember the Alamo, not our own country, duh

4 Responses to “People who say using our own resources doesn't work, how come it's been working for Texas for years?”

  1. furgetabowdit Says:

    I’ve wonder why myself?

    Is it because the republicans are making to much money on oil from foreign country’s?

    What State doesn’t have thousands of Illegals?

    It’s 2008 and they want us to believe that we have to be dependent on fossil fuels?

    We used to be self sufficient?

    Texas is building a 1000 acre wind farm that will supply enough energy for a million homes!!!

  2. Josh B Says:

    But most other states don’t have thousands of illegals to help keep the economy going.

  3. Tim Says:

    People like you make me hate Texans. Actually I’ve never met a Texan who wasn’t a jerk about being from Texas.

    The rest of us don’t care that you used to be your own country; so did California.

  4. the correct way Says:

    I hate to burst your bubble, but Texas was never its own country. It was either part of Mexico, or part of the US. Texas is a oil producing state. Guess what 41% of the oil the US uses comes from the US. Wind energy, maybe just barely, and only becuase of very recent additions. Texas is hardly representive of the country as a whole much to Texan chagrin. It would be unfair to ask New York, California, or even Utah to become as backward thinking as Texas. I have to also point out that Texas has over $4 gallon gas just like the rest of the US.