petroleum jelly is good for a fresh new tattoo while healing?

or u dont prefer petroleum jelly? i try using aquafohr and it got my tattoo infected i dont know what to use any suggestions?

5 Responses to “petroleum jelly is good for a fresh new tattoo while healing?”

  1. daniaka Says:

    Every artist I have talked to said DO NOT EVER use petroleum jelly.

    First artist had me using antibacterial soap, followed by a small dab of A&D Ointment and unscented lotion.

    Current artist has told me nothing more than antibacterial soap and/or Noxema skin creme three times a day, and unscented lotion after the first week.

  2. Bellamuerte117 Says:

    petroleum jelly is too thick in my opinion. your tattoo artist should have given you a and d ointment thats the best in my opinion. i guess if you spread the petroleum jelly very thinly its ok.

  3. Stevelcanevil Says:

    A&D kiddo! pea sized amount! forabout 3 days then lotion that sucka up for about a week dont pull the skin let it fall off as it will!

  4. Andre H. Says:

    Well when you first get your tattoo, they give you some type of ointment at the shop. But while healing, petroleum jelly is good and bad. If you use to much, it is bad because it clogs and your pores and prevents healing. But if you use it in moderate portions, its not that bad. But I would suggest Lubriderm. It moisturizes your tattoo and is not thick and full of scents. But hope that helps some.

  5. dean Says:

    neosphorin or a&d ointment