petroleum jelly on hair to prevent dye from getting on it?

would petroleum jelly work if i cover the hair with it that i didnt want to dye?
what else could i do?

i have blonde hair and im dying it black, but i still want some blonde in it, and its really hard keeping the hair seperated, especially if its in the middle of all the black dye.

3 Responses to “petroleum jelly on hair to prevent dye from getting on it?”

  1. Tankgirl Says:

    Technically, it would work, but it would be a mess to try to get out. Using foils is very good advice, but if you have trouble, just cover the blonde with conditioner. If you do use foils to keep the blonde separeted, you can use the conditioner with the foils also. The conditioner will help the hair stick to the foils.

  2. Hanax Says:

    Good question. However, i don’t think this would work.. and also it would be so messy. A better method would be foiling. You can use the foil in your kitchen! All you need to do is put the hair you want dye’d on top of the foil paper, and then apply. This method is easy, not messy, and very effective.

    good luck!

  3. Sur La Mer Says:

    You can use bobby pins, claw clips into tiny buns, spot dye only the hair you want dyed, if you’re using the kid. You can do that carefully, can’t you? Have someone do the back. Try Petroleum jelly, there’s no harm in that.

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