Pls help my whole career depends on it.. After how many years petroleum resources gonna be empty?

Hey i wanna get admission in petroleum technology in india. But the main problem is that i have read an article telling that petroleum is goin to be empty within 10 years. Is it true? Should i go in petroleum engineering? Pls pls pls answer me i am very confused.

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  1. atom45 Says:

    There was a time people believed that the petroleum reserve is going to finish in 20 years. That was about 30 years before. The largest oil reserve is in Russian region and that is being used very conservatively. So do not be afraid the chances are that you will become an engineer and work in this industry and retire. Still there will be petroleum products.

  2. mongbei Says:

    No – 10 years is too soon. For example see the numbers at

    I wouldn’t be put off – there will be an even greater need in future for more efficient extraction and production methods.

  3. :D Says:

    If you mean the "raw" stuff such as crude oil, then it varies from study to study, but environmentalists believe it to be between 30 – 50 years if we carry on using crude oil for the primary substance for products at the rate in which we are doing today.

  4. David D Says:

    Currently the PROVEN recoverable oil reserves are at 1,137 Billion barrels of oil.

    Currently the production of oil is at 48.2 billion barrels of oil a DAY

    This gives an oil production lifetime of 65 years. That assumes usage at the current rate – which is unlikely. Developing economies will put upward pressure on the usage per day. High prices will spur invention and reduce demand and will force a downward usage per day. Which will dominate? Only time will tell… I think it is clear that continued demand and shrinking supplies will place a premium on petroleum engineers who can recover more oil.

    The above does NOT include bitumen, tar sands and oil shale. It does NOT include coal.

    Remember: The solution to the high price of gas… is the high price of gas.