Poaching & Land ownership rights…. !!!?

I own a land with building which is jointly owned between my father & me, in otherwords we both own undivided area of land on the same premises.Following a long dispute last week my father decided to restrict my access to the land to harrass or intimidate into giving in. he hired 8 security guards to guard the land and restricted me from entering the land. I made an entry in the local police station.although they recorded the complaint they said that they had no right to allow me into the premises, even if i showed them the deeds.they explained that they are only the police and not lawyers who can recognise your rights on a legal document such as a deed.they said the best recourse was to take the matter to a district or magistrates court and get an order which they would enforce. in other words I must stay out of my property untill the courtstake up the matter, is that the law around the world ? is there no swift justice when someone tresspasses your land coniving with one joint owner

2 Responses to “Poaching & Land ownership rights…. !!!?”

  1. KMB Says:

    Go hire double security and bigger and younger, if you cannot afford it get your friends!why is your own father doing this to his own son. Just to get rid of him, I’d sell the land to him, for a price and the equity you are going to loose by selling it to him.

  2. gandamack1 Says:

    sell your half to the worst most outrageous street thug you can find….this is a civil mater,not one for the police until a court rules and issues an enforceable edict