President Bush was quoted…?

"We can help alleviate shortages by drilling for oil and gas in our own country, something I’ve been advocating ever since I’ve been the president. I’ve been reminding our people that we can do so in environmentally friendly ways," he said. "And yet the Congress, the Democratically controlled Congress now has refused to budge. It makes no sense."

What the #&@%?

Is this big oil’s attempt at keeping thier stranglehold on the American Citizens’ energy expenses?

They are already making record profits because of us, and when there is a serious problem with them they offer an alternative to drill in our backyards to reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

With the growing public interest & advances in alternative energy, shouldn’t big oil (with the current crisis) have to soon become little oil?

And if oil is proven to be contributing to global warming, how then can Bush explore in "environmentally friendly ways?"

Are we conspired against by the oil companies?

7 Responses to “President Bush was quoted…?”

  1. Dart Swinger Says:

    I have no objection to domestic drilling, but it doesn’t address the bigger problem.

    If you’re a heroin addict, is finding more sources of heroin the solution?

  2. truth seeker Says:

    you hit the nail on the head. Oil companies are making record profit, every quarter…….. what possible incentive do they have to drill oil?????

    there are over 40 million acres of land in the U.S. that are currently leased for oil drilling that are NOT being drilled. Oil companies do NOT want to drill.

  3. ladyluck Says:

    well maybe he meant alternative sources of energy he mixes up his words alot surely give the guy a break everyone gave Osama a break so in the same manner try and give Bush a break he is human he has the right to mix up his words just like you and I he aint a heavenly being

  4. It's That Guy Says:

    If you’ve been paying attention you will notice something Bush has done since he became president. He came into office with an agenda, and he uses every emergency, every crisis of his time in office as a justification to do what he wanted to do to begin with. He came into office wanting to oust Saddam Hussein and bring ‘regime change’ to Iraq, and he used 9/11 as a justification for that. He came into office wanting to cut taxes for his rich buddies and campaign sponsors, and at first he used the prospective budget surplus as an excuse to do this, and then later when there were huge budget deficits, he used those too as an excuse to cut taxes.

    And just like his dad, he’s wanted to expand offshore drilling and drill in ANWR. Drilling in ANWR and offshore is not his response to oil prices, it’s something he ALWAYS wanted, and he’s using the oil crisis as a justification to push for it.

    In fact his first response to -any- problem is to give away public resources, either natural resources or taxpayer dollars. When he said "Brownie, you’re doing a heck of a job", it was because Brown had used Katrina as an excuse to immediately spend a few billion taxpayer dollars in non-competitive contracts to Halliburton, Bechtel, etc.

    Concentrating wealth, transferring wealth upwards, is the ‘prime directive’ of the GOP. It is the object of anything they do. Bush’s dad was no different, only sneakier. He at least knew what he was doing was wrong, and would be unpopular. GW Bush doesn’t even realize it’s wrong. I think he actually believes that this is what a president is supposed to do!

  5. texlokman Says:

    No, not the oil companies, it was your congress that conspired against you.

    Look, a socialist government has more to gain by high gas prices then does a private business. Environmentalist are forcing a change in lifestyle, congress gets a higher percentage, and the oil company gets a black eye. It is a perfect scenario for the government to nationalize a private business.

    Look at your business, where you work, or any private business. Think about what it will be like if it were run by the government. The next time you walk into your favorite Burger King, it will be like walking into the IRS building. Fill out the order sheet, stand in line to drop it off at the counter. Go stand in another line to pay for it, and finally stand in another line for the pick up.

    Remember the good ol’ days of the Bush years, when we were free to speak, gas was only $4.00 a gallon, and we were able to choose what kind of car we wanted to drive?

  6. CIC Says:

    Q. What’s the most important thing in comedy?

    A. TIMING!

    "The New York Times reports that the Bureau of Land Management has placed a two-year moratorium on new solar projects on public land, saying that it needs to study their environmental impact…"

  7. gbpackerfan29 Says:

    What I do not understand is why the federal government has no problem taxing me on my state income tax money saying it is income when in reality it is income that has already been taxed the previous year HOWEVER it is unwilling to tax oil companies on their billion dollar profits, which would actually help our ecomony…this is proof that the everyday man is getting screwed while big oil and our government is laughing at us.